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  1. Would not disagree with you. I meant the "FM'd" thing as tongue-in-cheek btw! I did say it "seemed" to be reputation. I do think that it shouldn't have any affect on results if the the coders could find a way to do it though.
  2. Yep I understand! Just venting cos I've just lost 3 games in a row to Manchester teams by one goal despite having similar rep players and dominating possession, shots, cccs, half chances... Being FMd 3 times in a row due to what seems to be reputation is a pain!!
  3. Should reputation be one of the parameters to calculate results? Certainly it should affect ability to attract players but results? I understand it may be difficult to code but results? Today is 14/09/19 Man Utd are playing Leicester today. Utd's midfield without Pogba (understand negative opinions of him!) is midtable at best. Utd's reputation will have little consequence on the match. If Utd win I'll be surprised (leicester odds look great value!). So is reputation a valid input into result calculation? I don't think it should be (Again understand coding reasons why it is)
  4. An option to you to automatically assign your Chief Scout (or other nominated scout/DoF) to offer a second opinion on players Maybe a quick scout button for nominated person? I presume a few do it anyway but to have it automated would save some time. ...Yes I've just done it about enough times to annoy me!!
  5. I could have used wrecked, damaged ruined or gone to a thesaurus. Those words are aggressive and inappropriate in this situation The word "broken" is the tamest word to describe what happened. If it's over-used, maybe that's the reason. And the majority of squad thing happened to me earlier that's how I found this thread! I'm monitoring it in the hope that it was a once-off. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of your FM19 save(s)
  6. Not a few seconds when it's your whole/majority of your squad. I'll withdraw the term disgraceful (although meant in a literal, non-pejorative way). You accuse me of disrespect while I would argue that it is disrespectful to their consumer base not to offer a solution.. They have broken something that people have paid for. In any other walk of life that would be not looked upon well. I respect what they do, that it's a year-on-year tight deadline. Mistakes happen and will always happen in a fast paced environment. As far as I'm aware this hasn't happened before. But to offer no solution because of this years release is frustrating.
  7. It's disgraceful that they won't fix this. People paid money for the game and THEY broke it. A lot of players use training to shape their team/players and I'd guess a fair few saves are ruined. Can they not just roll back the last patch? A discount should be given on next years game due to this cock-up. (In my game, it was happening to one player but today it's everyone?! No idea why it took so long to kick in to such an extent.) How often does the training reset? Every day/week/month?
  8. I remember in Fm12 I was playing in the League of Ireland. I was well into the save and competing in Europe. I had 3 games in 3 days! This year I've had 10 games in 32 days! I was sharing a ground which led to a few games been postponed that otherwise would not have been. I can't complain too much but the Middlesbrough defeat cost me a shot at the title.
  9. Ok. The end of season has arrived and I've got a message that the facilities upgrade is going ahead Not sure the issue as I had money in the bank. Did avoiding relegation help? Anyway things look to have sorted themselves out. However, I do think the way the information is presented is poor and should be more clear to the user to prevent pointless complaints- like this one I do reserve my right to complain again if the're not completed with no reason
  10. @SebastianRO They were actually meant to be finished on 22nd October! Before 22nd Oct: After 22nd October (First & Last request are the relevant ones) Something similar happened with Data Facilities before but I had the option to upgrade again. The upgrade was immediate. The option to upgrade Training and Youth Facilities has not been there since alleged completion date. I was thinking that maybe it will reappear when game rolls over into new season.
  11. I've asked for an upgrade to both Youth & Training facilities. They were due to be finished on 20th November. They are still in the planning stage. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
  12. It might be difficult to implement, but would it be possible to have an instruction like "Form Wall - if needed". And leave the decision up to the GK on numbers in the wall?
  13. Quick question... I'm playing as Truro. In League 2 in 4th season. I've got players in on trial from Championship but despite letting them go on trial, they won't loan them as they want them to play with "higher quality players". Understandable but why let them go on trial? Explanations appreciated!
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