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  1. Ok. The end of season has arrived and I've got a message that the facilities upgrade is going ahead Not sure the issue as I had money in the bank. Did avoiding relegation help? Anyway things look to have sorted themselves out. However, I do think the way the information is presented is poor and should be more clear to the user to prevent pointless complaints- like this one I do reserve my right to complain again if the're not completed with no reason
  2. @SebastianRO They were actually meant to be finished on 22nd October! Before 22nd Oct: After 22nd October (First & Last request are the relevant ones) Something similar happened with Data Facilities before but I had the option to upgrade again. The upgrade was immediate. The option to upgrade Training and Youth Facilities has not been there since alleged completion date. I was thinking that maybe it will reappear when game rolls over into new season.
  3. I've asked for an upgrade to both Youth & Training facilities. They were due to be finished on 20th November. They are still in the planning stage. Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
  4. It might be difficult to implement, but would it be possible to have an instruction like "Form Wall - if needed". And leave the decision up to the GK on numbers in the wall?
  5. Quick question... I'm playing as Truro. In League 2 in 4th season. I've got players in on trial from Championship but despite letting them go on trial, they won't loan them as they want them to play with "higher quality players". Understandable but why let them go on trial? Explanations appreciated!
  6. This maybe completely irrelevant now as I'm still playing FM13. Is there still a problem with goals from corners? Because if there was an option to place player at the corner of the 6-yard box it may help.
  7. There is obviously loads of flexibility. But morale is very important and team-talks and press conferences influence this and some may not want to give that control over to the AI AssMan. So should there be an option where if you delegate these responsibilities, morale isn't influenced by them? (and I mean in the full game for those who wish to run more than 3 countries)
  8. 500lbs is 35stone 10lbs. Obese, even for 7ft 2inches
  9. I'm not sure the AI is actually cheating but the AI managers do speak the same language as the ME (the language of computers). While everything they can do the human user can do they find it easier because they speak the same language. The more casual user dosen't have the time to invest as some of the mods and tactical experts... the tactics experts understand the language of the game; the more casual user doesn't always and are expected to learn that language. Which can be difficult at times as there is no proper instruction manual to help understand it. So for some it's a hit'n'miss affair until they stumble upon something that works.
  10. I'd like to be informed as to whether who is kicking off the first half. If the opposition kick off they invariabky have a decent chance from kick off, when I kick off I get a decent chance. I'd set up a little more defensively for the first few mins if they had kick off and leave things as is when I kick off.
  11. Does that mean that if I go 1-0 up after 46mins and don't change anything then the AI manager will not change anythinh to try and get back into the game? Or do goals affect the ME as if I actually changed tactics/shouts?
  12. I've already said I think its improved a lot but my last 3 games as Newcastle in 2019: Sunderland 1-1 Newcastle; Shots 1-19; On Target 1-11; CCCs 0-6; Woodwork 0-7. (Sunderland scored on 88mins) Newcastle 1-2 West Brom; Shots 15-4; On Target 8-2; CCCs 4-1; Woodwork 3-1. (West Brom winner scored on 91mins) Newcastle 1-1 Hull; Shots 22-4; On Target 12-1; CCCs 7-2; Woodwork 4-0. (Hull scored on 86) My tactics tend to close out games well. . I've only conceded 7 goals in the last 15mins this season (48 games); I have 3 out of top 10 scorers in the league with the the top 2 having a 70% shots-on target. My first team players are all available but I've had to rotate a bit Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong as these results have seen me drop off the pace at the top of the table. Is this just a freak occurance?
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