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  1. Thanks for the reply, Sam! How can I now if a phone supports large database option? It depends on what?
  2. I'm thinking of buying a new phone, also to play FMH. What phones (Android) could You recommend? Important notes: - large database option available - not very expensive (€250 max) Cheers.
  3. +1 very annoying thing
  4. Few mistakes I found after few hours of playing: Bilal Basacikoglu should be AM R Ryan Thomas is missing from Zwolle squad Valeri Qazaishvili should be AM RLC Justin Mathieu should be AM RL Piotr Parzyszek should be S C Nicolas Lopez should be at Udinese, he was sold there, not loaned Danilo Cataldi should be M C Brayan Perea should be AM RL/S C Vittorio Parigini should be on loan at Juve Stabia Manu Trigueros should be AMC Tuur Dierckx should be AM/F LC Nabil Jaadi should be AM RC Mohamed Daf should be M C Ricardo Esgaio should be AM R Cristian Ponde should be AM/F RLC Iuri Medeiros should be AM RL Dawid Janczyk isn't CSKA Moscow player since ages, he doesn't even play football now
  5. Quick question: will FMH run on Sony Xperia J or Sony Xperia U ?
  6. Positions and Player Roles

    Are player roles on FMH PSP this year ?
  7. So it's just gonna be an updated version of FMH 12... That's why they didn't announce anything or even give us a screenshot... That sucks.
  8. Info about FMH.

    I wrote that it's not fair compared to pc players which already play FM. I'm sure 99% of FMH community would love to hear some info about FMH/FMHi 13. We all (well, most of us I hope) buy the game, we all give our feedback, game will be relased next month - we really don't DESERVE a small info or even a screenie from the new version ? Come on. Besides I'm not fighting with anyone. SI is the boss and it's up to them. I just asked Marc a simple question, he answered, that's all. You didn't have to write all this ******** above tbh.
  9. Marc, don't You think, we, FMH players, deserve some infos about 13 version ? PC players have already a demo of FM 13 and we didn't even got a single screenshot from the new FMH/FMHi. That's just not fair
  10. Pleeease SI, don't forget to add players like Lazar Markovic or Nicolas Blandi It'd be awsome if they'd appear even with multiple leagues running. Last year we were able to sign Mateo Kovacic/Vaclav Kadlec/other youngsters from less known countries, only with one league loaded...
  11. http://www.champman0102.co.uk/downloads.php?do=file&id=136
  12. Georgios Katidis Club: Aris Thessaloniki (Greece) Position: attacking midfielder Date of birth: 12/02/1993 (19 years old) Nationality: Greek Strengths: vision,creativity,passing,intelligence,technique Weaknesses: heading Similair player(s): Clarence Seedorf Potential CA/PA: 132/173 Potential high atts in FMH: technique,passing,creativity Description: Best Greece player in EC U-19. There were rumours that Everton has an eye on him.