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  1. You can open the files for the ball in Photoshop or Gimp and play around with them. You may need an extra plug in for them as they use .dds files.
  2. My favourite is the Red and White one bottom left, looks smashing in the game. Its called the Red & White V3 in the file folder. :applause:Thanks to Daz for letting me upload this and for his great work as always Download file here https://files.secureserver.net/0sE9hBOCd5ZC1R Please close your FM game first (saving it of course first) Choose the ball colour you wish to use then place the files from that folder in the following path C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2014\data\sigfx\props\ball (If you wish to revert to the old ball, then backup your files first) Original posting is here http://fmreport.simplygaming.org/t1959-fmreporter-3d-match-balls-v2-by-dazs8
  3. Doesn't seem to work if you are playing as a National team
  4. Bloody Brilliant lads I tip my hat to all of you involved in this massive undertaking.
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