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  1. In case it helps I just uploaded a file I made the last time I encountered a spurious message.
  2. I received the message again and checked the contract status of the three players indicated - the contract status had gone blank! I reset their contract status to full-time again. I have noticed some odd behavior in this version of FM with regards to contract status so if this continues I may need to report a bug in the game.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but all of the players are on normal full-time contracts. In fact, MLS does not have the concept of youth contracts like other leagues. The players in question are fairly young so perhaps FM gets a bit confused by their age despite them being on full-time adult-level contracts.
  4. In the periodic advice from my staff on the development of my players I sometimes see the statement "needs to train full-time". I can think of no reason for this message as the players are all full-time first team players on the same schedule and intensity as the rest of the squad. What does this mean?
  5. I just received another message in July telling me the board is disappointed I didn't win the league championship, but the season isn't over yet! You really must stop the board members from having so many cocktails prior to meetings I tried to attach a save made as soon as I received the message but apparently the file is too big to be attached. Note that although I received this message, and a request for an interview from the media, when I check Club Vision my grade is A+ and there is no indication of displeasure from the board.
  6. Sorry, I'm a few months further into the season and older saves have been overlaid by now.
  7. I don't know if Uncle Sam is working on it or not, but I see another person active in the FM 20 downloads forum who indicates he is working on a similar pyramid.
  8. Playing a save as FC Dallas (MLS) I received a message from my board in March that they were disappointed that I did not win the league championship. The season starts in March, and I did in fact win the championship the previous season. I think the board needs to be prevented from having so many lunchtime cocktails before they meet.
  9. I was having problems with the graphics as well, and my rig is a gaming-oriented performance model with a performance video card and plenty of video memory. Eventually I discovered that my came configured with two video drivers, an integrated driver from Intel, and my Nvidia driver. Then I learned that Windows 10 allows us to customize which video driver is normally used for any specific application (display settings -> graphics settings). Some systems are configured with two drivers, one for low-power mode (such as laptops), and one for high performance. Once I set FM to use the Nvidia driver my graphic quality improved considerably. Don't know if you are having the same problem or not but perhaps someone else has the same situation as I found.
  10. If Uncle Sam converts his pyramid to work with FM 20 then many of the problems with MLS and their academies and B teams are resolved, although the game still places some restrictions on what his download is able to do.
  11. Try getting out of that panel and going on vacation for a day. This has solved problems for me in the past.
  12. I wish the in-game editor was available so I could peek at the MLS academy teams. I went back and looked at the latest database for FM19 for grins. Atlanta, for example, had Bello and Carleton on the roster, with PAs of 150 or so. Bello in the database is age 15 and Carleton is 17, but he was already with Atlanta in the previous year. Looking at the rosters for the more powerful first teams I see that anyone with a CA of 130 or better would be in the top 3 to 5 players, even on the most powerful teams. The bulk of the MLS teams is made up of players with a CA of 120 or less, mostly less. But, in previous versions of FM when experimented and used the editor to give MLS teams kids with PAs of 130 or better they ended up on European teams. That is also true for any talented kids (PA of 130 or better) on any of the non-MLS academies. I would guess, and I hope I'm wrong, that in FM20 any kids that do make it to the B team or first team are in the 120 or less potential. These teams won't be very competitive compared to Mexican teams, nor to my team if I do a more intelligent job of exploiting talent than the AI does.
  13. Hey Mars, are you seeing this in FM20 or did you see it in FM19 and before? I ran some tests on earlier versions of FM (e.g. FM19) and using the editor I put kids in the academy that could have competed for first team minutes but never got a contract with the parent club. can't say what FM20 does or doesn't do since I haven't tested it and a good test is difficult without the in-game editor, so I am interested in what you have seen.
  14. I'm encouraged that someone from SI is taking a close look at these issues, so let me reiterate one that I've mentioned in the past and is still a problem: the MLS teams are not signing talented kids from their academies. IRL most teams are now much more interested in identifying and developing young talent and we see kids from their academies as young as 15 or 16 appearing in first team matches, sometimes even starting. The game's AI, however, has MLS teams ignoring the academy kids while European teams gobble the talented MLS academy kids up, especially teams from Scandinavia and Germany. MLS has publicly stated that it can't continue to depend on importing high talent and must put more focus on developing and selling talent, hence the increasing focus on the academies and the B teams. The B teams are often tightly coupled with the first teams, sharing training sessions, coaching, etc. FM has done much to model many of the unique features of MLS but the treatment of young talent still has a way to go.
  15. People have noted a lot of problems with rosters, teams jettisoning talented youth, etc. The competition will degrade, especially if you play for a couple of seasons. In one of my experiments FC Dallas went to the conference finals even though they didn't play their talented youth and their key players were all injured. Shouldn't happen. IF I were to actively manage the team then it won't be long before the other teams are liable to become doormats because of the problems people have noted.
  16. With all of the things people have noted so far in this thread it begins to look like MLS as a league is unplayable at the moment although once the in-game editor is available it might be ok for a single team.
  17. There have been some significant changes for MLS, and it was stated that the AI was improved. I decided to test this a bit. I chose FC Dallas for my test as I am very familiar with that club IRL. The game correctly states the club's current vision as developing young players and selling them for a profit. A secondary part of the vision was to "maintain the best" youth academy in MLS. Also notice that IRL North Texas Soccer Club won the USL 1 championship this year. However... I started up the game and went on vacation (holiday) for the season. The game's AI started players that IRL didn't even make the gameday roster and gave the young players little or no first team minutes. IRL FC Dallas normally started five academy grads, sometimes four, and sometimes played six, made the playoffs and very nearly knocked off Seattle. Yet the game's AI waived or released on free transfers all of the promising young talent! So, my conclusion is that the AI flunked its IQ test. I think there are also continuing problems on how US players are rated. I may not start a full MLS save when FM 20 is formally released until Uncle Sam's pyramid is ready, but if I do I will probably make liberal use of the ingame editor. I also won't trust the AI to be intelligent!
  18. While experimenting with the game I often went on vacation for a month or more but the game did not seem to return me from vacation when it should. I often had to intervene and manually return from vacation otherwise the game kept going with me being on vacation. This may have been a user error. In any case it seems to be working properly today after hotfix. It is possible that I was selecting a calendar date to end the vacation (holiday) but not click on the set button.
  19. I can't say these are bugs per se, but *) it is awkward to access the "B" team. The only way I see that allows full access is to go through the route of accessing the parent club's affiliates. In real life at least some teams frequently shuttle players between squads and so better visibility would be very helpful in this game. Why not include a link to the B team just like there is a link to the academy team from the parent club's home page? *) I did not see any schedule, simulated or otherwise, for the B team, other than a couple of exhibitions. This would seem to greatly detract from the developmental nature of the B teams. I ran the game for about half of the season and then checked the B team players and it was not obvious that they were developing much, if at all. In real life the MLS B teams often include teenagers that are too good to stay in the academy but not ready for full time first team rosters, as well as some kids drafted from college teams that need professional experience. In FM 2019 I notice that leaving a kid in the academy until he reaches age 18 can be expected to yield a fairly predictable improvement in his CA. Surely a kid of similar age to academy kids but playing in a professional league on the B team should get at least as much growth.
  20. I have tried various things to make MLS teams more competitive relative to Mexican teams, for example. There are some roadblocks: I tried seeding academy teams with some talented players, using the editor for example, but the MLS teams don't seem to sign their academy players. On the other hand European teams sweep up talent from the US academies like a vacuum cleaner does dust. Next I placed talented academy players on the parent team myself, using the editor. Some teams simply waived them, and a few teams kept them on for a few years. With salary caps and profit minded boards MLS teams sell talented players to Europe rather than keep them long-term. Mexican teams build up their rosters and seem to retain talent better than MLS teams. So, in competitions it usually ends up that MLS teams beat the minnows from CONCACAF, but usually lose to Mexican teams.
  21. Well, it adds variety and choices for those who want to be more hands on, but for me there are two key questions: 1) does the new training system make my team play better than last year's system, and 2) does the new training system develop my players faster/better than before? After two seasons I don't see enough evidence to conclude that it is better, or worse, than before. I play hands on with one club and leave it to the assistant with another, so it isn't a matter of me getting in the way. The things that were important before still seem to matter the most: good staff and lots of playing time.
  22. I just downloaded your file and with no changes it shows that everything is verified, but if I change even the name of a team to show that FC Dallas will have a USL team next year the rules don't verify, complaining about stage flags, which is beyond my level of database expertise.
  23. Interesting stuff. I'll follow how this goes for others and maybe start a new play-though myself with this approach.
  24. I'm not aware of any way to adjust league rules using the IGE. I am also currently managing a Belgian club (Antwerp) and I adjusted some players to show as homegrown but so far I see no indication that the game recognizes these changes. The game also seems to have some mistakes regarding MLS players, so perhaps there is a system wide error in the game now.
  25. You should be able to fix this using the in-game editor. Annoying, but workable.
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