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  1. Apologies if this has already been asked/ done, but if this going to be updated for FM2016?
  2. I get that they would have a preferred formation, but for them to want me to use that every week regardless of recent results and the players available is a bit stupid.
  3. One more thing I forgot that isn't a bug, but more of a bugbear. No matter what formation you are playing, no matter how successful it's been and irrespective of what players you have at the club the assistant manager will always suggest you play in his favoured formation. For example - I'm currently playing a 4-2-3-1 with the 3 in a narrower formation rather than an AL-AM-AR. My second formation is a narrow 4-1-2-1-2. As a result I have no left or right wingers at the club. But my assistant manager is constantly telling me to play a 4-4-2.
  4. I only buy the game every 2 years these days - combination of factors to do with family, work and there being enough changes in that time for it to feel like a new game. First impressions, after a season and a bit in the Vanarama South. Remember all these assessments are based on comparison with FM14 - The last version I player (this will probably apply more to the positives) There are still to many crosses that ping of the crossbar In training you still can't set a training schedule so your players get used to using their weaker foot (one of my biggest bugbears with footballers, is that they aren't 2 footed. I mean it's just a matter of practice) Players intelligence still doesn't seem to be getting any better: Goal keepers who are set to keeper defend still won't leave their area even if it means waiting for an opposing striker to run on to a through ball that could be easily cleared. Even the most basic of keepers would do that. The same lack of intelligence applies to game management by the payers. I mean even the most basic of semi-pro players would take a little longer over a freekick in the 89th minute when leading 1-0. You shouldn't have to trying and get a shout, or tactic in for that. There seems to be no logic applied to set piece and penalty takers if your selected ones are on the pitch. There is still no option for splitting attacking free kicks, so specify shooting/ crossing. All free kicks within 5 yards of the area seem to be used as shooting opportunities. The intelligence and training ones have been bugging me for years, but there seems to be no sign of it being solved. On the positive side, the match engine is much smoother and realistic compared to FM14 Still getting used to where everything is on the interface but I'm sure I'll pick that up soon enough. I do like the extended tactic, set piece and training options - despite my point above. I know I've listed more problems than positives but I do like the game so far and will be interested to see just how difficult it is to get Truro from the Vanarama South to the Premier League.
  5. Would it work if I went narrow and had basically 3 attacking midfielders rather than 2 wingers and an attacking midfielder?
  6. I'm thinking of trying out a strikerless formation. Would this work? gk fb(a) - cb© - cb(x) - fb(s) bwm(d) cm(s) - ap(a) w(s) - T(a) - w(a)
  7. It's tough because we've no idea how long the team will take to get used to that system. I'd say you'll struggle against the top sides but have a high likely hood of battering the poor/ average teams, and those just having an off day. I reckon you'd be about 5th or 6th, with plenty in the goals for and against category, as any team playing with width should score against you. CL - Out in group stage, League cup (if you don't play your reserves) 5th round
  8. Just one of those unexplained things in life. SI would have nothing to gain by creating something within the game that penalises you for stopping and getting on with life, so in no way would I think they would do anything deliberate, but things can happen by chance when you have something as complicated that the FM match engine that for the life of them the best techies in the world can't explain.
  9. I presume when they get to a certain level they will terminate the link, the same way you'd do if the feeder club are so poor that the players you send get nothing out of it
  10. I've had the virus thing where they might be out for a week, but definitely no longer than that. Maybe bird flu is making an appearance in FM.
  11. FM12 was the last one before this version I played and once you got to a certain point it because very easy. I took Truro from the Skrill South (Conference South) to the Premiership, won the Prem twice, offered the Man Utd job and proceeded to win 10 league titles in a row. Got bored with it in the end.
  12. 7-8 months with a virus? What has he caught - Ebola?
  13. I'm not convinced it's just purely selective memory, equally I don't think there is anything in the game that makes this happen after you save and reload. I just think it's one of those things.
  14. I realised after I'd hit post. I changed my sentence half way through writing and didn't go back and check. lol
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