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  1. Thanks for this tactic. Use it with knaps 41320 th 94 and babemochis 41410 to great effect.
  2. @knap no just set to right back and left back dependent on side but the quality of my players are better for the first choice player and one of them has the long throw ability. Only really noticed anyone really bad at throw ins is not as good anymore as previously anyone could do a long throw. Now you do need a little skill at throw ins but as I say my LB with a throw in of 8 is still good.
  3. Playing a quick game before work and my backup left back with 8 throw ins no bullet throw has just laid on 3 goals off 7 throw ins
  4. Not so much ineffective but you need the specialists to do them it seems. In league 2 of a tier 10 save i started, my long throw specialists I've noticed no difference. My backup right back with no throw in skill now throws like.....he has no skill in throw ins
  5. Has anyone worked out team shouts yet? They just don't seem to do anything that makes sense and often ends with all upset players.
  6. @FuSS yeah the only one I'm aware of. It just seems more solid without at as the high line got caught out but didn't offer a benefit to justify it so I unticked it
  7. Love this tactic. The only tweak I've done is remove higher defensive line and its more solid for me. Thanks fuss much appreciated
  8. they definitely seemed to have nerfed demand more spam as its almost as if its a trap right now to instantly removed any positivity from your players haha
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