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  1. This is genius!! Been following this advice and doing scandalously good
  2. Hi I have the in game editor but start games with it disabled. On loading a new game it says in game editor allowed = no, in game editor used = yes. Literally just started a save and done nothing in the game. I also tried loading up a save with in game editor allowed and this also says the in game editor has been used straight away despite only just starting a new game. Anyone can shed some light on this? I used the editor to put Radcliffe into the game to play a save as where I live but I don't want every game showing i'm using the editor. Thanks
  3. Yes it's working knap thanks a lot. The defensive 442 was looking good with spurs
  4. Hi knap new to discord so please excuse the question. Where do I find your tactics on discord as all I can find is a big tactical discussion and not a lot else? Is there some sort of download section I'm missing?? Thanks
  5. QuickZombie

    Lucas Paqueta

    This guy's is brilliant and relatively cheap in the beta but after a new game is he now showing as going to ac Milan in January?
  6. whats the better formations at this version? like the 343 was in fm18
  7. yeah sorry should of been clearer. just looking to build a team round one of your tactics. is that 3 tactics?
  8. Whats the reason for the change to DCB's? Been trying this new pilgrimage and it seems so much better defensively for what seems like a good change that hasn't been used much so far
  9. Working great so far. Is this the new defence setup of choice with DCB's? Will you be applying this to new versions of WOF and ARGUS? Love all three as a set to use