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  1. Hi @knap the download is for a 101CC but the post says 110EC is this the correct download? thanks
  2. It used to be effective in all situations in fm20 but I know what you mean in fm21
  3. they definitely seemed to have nerfed demand more spam as its almost as if its a trap right now to instantly removed any positivity from your players haha
  4. just about to ask the difference between the 3 versions of electric funeral and the vol 2,3 and 4 of preachin blues
  5. tried all that as it was listed in that other thread. - beta patch with documents as is - beta patch with documents reset to default - retried above with reset of cache and preferences Ive put my documents back on the D: for now as it has been for years and since launch of fm20 to avoid upsetting my other apps etc. I can see on the error file generated the save is failing due to trying to save into an folder path that includes the word EPIC. Is there an ETA for a fix? My concern is we are heading into the weekend and with the hoops you have to jump through to play FM since this
  6. i was just trying that as a further test myself but it had no effect both with and without the beta patch. I've put the default my document back to my one on D: so as not to upset everything else pointing at my documents.
  7. to add to this I've still got all of the above issues after i have also reset the windows documents back to default both with and without beta patch
  8. its been the same for ages for me. I did change the location of my documents via windows explorer back when i installed windows so it wasnt on my c: drive ssd but FM20 has been in the same location and folder within documents since release
  9. I also cannot simply press 'Save Game' I have to click 'Save As' when in-game. Of course, this will affect my weekly overwrite saves I assume? when you get to an autosave its popping up the save as dialog box and forcing a save as
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