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  1. Is it a good idea to add this HB tweak to the 3223 direct goodbye tactic?
  2. Switching the direct 106 point version to flexible is going well
  3. Which tactic is this from the thread? Thanks
  4. 352 FM17.3.1 Knap

    Wow this looks like my new go to tactic for my main save based on initial tests on a mess about save
  5. Goodbye counter was great but this particularly the away version is a step up again. The attack hasn't reduced but whatever happened with the defence is brilliant. I've gone from mostly conceding 1 to my 3 or 4 to keeping a lot of cleansheets now!
  6. I've just used an uninstaller to remove all traces of fm17 including reg keys after backing up the game and tactic folder. Started the game which crashed after first game against reserves . I hadn't even restored the backed up game and tactics folder
  7. I'll try again following the instructions in the links but i have already tried this and also reinstalled twice. I even completely removed the folder containing the cache/preference folder. Only thing i kept was the tactic and game folder from the my documents 17 folder
  8. Is there anymore details i can send over as I'm keen to get this sorted as I can't play FM at the moment? Thanks
  9. Note this is now affecting another save
  10. Also I find if it's going to crash out right I get graphical issues like this before
  11. Just to clarify I'm running the game with no graphics or anything additional over a stock fresh with install
  12. Without fail this will crash for me and unfortunately the save i swapped too is now also getting the issue. My folder location is the default.
  13. I've posted my save as QZMan City.fm. Immediately after doing the end game team talk and then clicking continue I either get the first error above but the game does try to continue. Eventually thought I will get the full crash. No custom graphics used. I did have a basic logo pack but removed this as a precaution when first got the error. Only had this issue since latest patch
  14. I also get these two errors.
  15. As soon as I finish the match just after my save I receive a crash within seconds of finishing. I do the after match team talk ok but then after clicking continue I only ever get through 1-3 other screens before I get a crash. Error FM17.3.1f939048