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  1. Hi to check I'm not doing something wrong I'm hoping someone can clear up what I'm probably doing wrong. I've setup closing down always on defenders in the position section of the tactics screen opposition instructions section in between matches. When I start a match and checked the opposition instructions, I click positions and nothing shows up for my preset oi. I would have expected my preset oi to show up during a match but wanted to check. Is it that my preset oi is being used but doesn't show or is it not being aplied for some reason? Thanks
  2. The one you mentioned in the list of what is good for sub top and mid teams? Can't seem to find it anywhere haha
  3. Is this odd formation tactic the potential exploit you were looking at? Thanks
  4. Any details on formation for this major exploit? Which thread will it go in? Thanks
  5. This is genius!! Been following this advice and doing scandalously good
  6. Hi I have the in game editor but start games with it disabled. On loading a new game it says in game editor allowed = no, in game editor used = yes. Literally just started a save and done nothing in the game. I also tried loading up a save with in game editor allowed and this also says the in game editor has been used straight away despite only just starting a new game. Anyone can shed some light on this? I used the editor to put Radcliffe into the game to play a save as where I live but I don't want every game showing i'm using the editor. Thanks
  7. Yes it's working knap thanks a lot. The defensive 442 was looking good with spurs
  8. Hi knap new to discord so please excuse the question. Where do I find your tactics on discord as all I can find is a big tactical discussion and not a lot else? Is there some sort of download section I'm missing?? Thanks
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