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  1. I've also set a exclusion for the virus scan of the fm21 folder. I'm currently trying to reinstall direct x but cant find how to do it
  2. any assistance would be great with this as my FM21 is unplayable right now. I've tried rolling back to a previous driver but still have the issue. I've attached my dxdiag just to add more info DxDiag.txt
  3. Trying with and without extra graphics installed and it wont get through a game now no matter the save
  4. all three done including preference folder also. Here's my crash dump if you can make any further detail from it? eee57c47-ed29-41ff-867c-86738b054c98.dmp
  5. Main graphics issues - my players disappearing - animations not playing. Players look like they are skating and kicks don't involve any movement, the ball just launches in a direction. - pitch texture looks strange
  6. After updating to the latest GPU driver the match engine slowly begins to corrupt. It starts with animations like kicking the ball no longer play and then the surroundings then begin to look strange. Eventually this will crash the game.
  7. Which was the fm19 343 and 3430? Want to say argus but loved that tactic
  8. Has anyone worked out team shouts yet? They just don't seem to do anything that makes sense and often ends with all upset players.
  9. @FuSS yeah the only one I'm aware of. It just seems more solid without at as the high line got caught out but didn't offer a benefit to justify it so I unticked it
  10. Love this tactic. The only tweak I've done is remove higher defensive line and its more solid for me. Thanks fuss much appreciated
  11. Hi @knap the download is for a 101CC but the post says 110EC is this the correct download? thanks
  12. It used to be effective in all situations in fm20 but I know what you mean in fm21
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