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  1. QuickZombie

    Lucas Paqueta

    This guy's is brilliant and relatively cheap in the beta but after a new game is he now showing as going to ac Milan in January?
  2. whats the better formations at this version? like the 343 was in fm18
  3. yeah sorry should of been clearer. just looking to build a team round one of your tactics. is that 3 tactics?
  4. What do you think is your best at the moment knap?
  5. Whats the reason for the change to DCB's? Been trying this new pilgrimage and it seems so much better defensively for what seems like a good change that hasn't been used much so far
  6. Working great so far. Is this the new defence setup of choice with DCB's? Will you be applying this to new versions of WOF and ARGUS? Love all three as a set to use
  7. You sir are a diamond
  8. Which version did you change to standard jimtom? Thanks
  9. Hi intensa which tactic do you use as the base for your tweak? Thanks
  10. Which wof 343 knap? Had a look at the thread and seems to be older tactic versions. Thanks
  11. QuickZombie

    ARGUS 343 Knap FM18

    Hi knap just wondering and sorry if it's already been mentioned but what's the difference between the tactics with CUP in the name and tactics without? I'm using pilgrimage and Argus the versions after the top one in each thread home and a away respectively but I wonder if I'm missing a trick not using the top versions in the OP with cup in the names. Thanks Ps meant to add I thought it was for cup games until I saw you have a league table displayed next to both with cup results only for the top one
  12. Thanks JK I'd got everything except for support for the mezalas. Excellent tweak and a great base tactic
  13. The post was just after v1 was posted but before v2 so I copied the changes detailed with v1. I also added tackle harder and shoot less to the regista as he was wasting a lot of long shots and tackling to match everyone else. Classic 352.fmf
  14. Which is the regista version? I have a v1 and V2 but neither have a regista. Thanks