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  1. Keeps giving a crash message. 18.2.2 crashdmp.sys
  2. Is there a 18.3? I have the 18.2.2 Has it substancial diferences?
  3. I'm using Volante 442 anchor and Volante 442 BBM more away and the 2. also at home. Only use GOODBYE 451 against much worse teams or sometimes even against better teams. I think I can surprise the stronger oppoent with that tactic and after some time I go back to anchor. Think this is working. Need some more cohesion in the team and I have more AML and AMR than ML an MR players. Any further suggestions? will keep you updated how it is working. Thx.
  4. Thank you. And any of them for away matches and others for home matches?
  5. Hi Knap. What tactic do you sugest for a team like Belenenses from Portugal for away and home and against better teams? There are so many different ones that I don't know which ones to use. Thx
  6. Hi there Where is the new version? Still playing FM 13. Thx
  7. Hi there, mayby this already exists around here, but I'm wondering what are these 2 positions worth? I'm spending a lot of Money for these 2 guys and I don't know if they really help me out in the game. Any thoughts?
  8. Thx, but can you maybe give me a link to one of his good tactics? It seem's to be from 2010...
  9. Hi there, Do you use any specific corner instructions?
  10. Hi there Can anyone please give me na answer to my question in the following existing thread: "The "Official" Tactic Request Thread - Can't find what you're looking for? ASK HERE!!" Thx a lot!
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