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  1. What would YOU do?

    Personally I'd give him another 1 year contract. A decent striker in League 1 can be the difference between a mid-table finish and a promotion challange.
  2. The FM "Wedded Bliss" Thread

    The Mrs and I came to an agreement that Mon-Thu after the kiddies are in bed then I can play as much FM as I want to Fri-Sun is our time
  3. Crazy Transfer fees....

    I don't think this is unrealistic to be honest. If you are trying to buy a teams best player they name the price they will accept and then it's up to you to pay it or not. It's not really any different than Man Utd asking £80,000,000 for Ronaldo really.
  4. I downloaded the newest version last night and started again. I have to say that the changes from version 1.0 are excellent. I didn't think that having the reserve and U18 squads was that necessary although I have to say now that they are there they are a great addition. I've also managed to solve the problem with me only being able to buy South Korean GK's so it's all good. Just have to get Gillingham promoted all over again now
  5. I'm looking at a Dell Inspiron 546 MT desktop. Specs: AMD Phenom™ X4 Quad Core 810 (2.6GHz, 6MB) Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English 6144MB Dual Channel DDR2 800MHz [2x2048 + 2x1024] Memory 500GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive nVidia GeForce GT220 1024MB graphics card I've tried to keep to the important bits :-) Just wanted to know basically how useful this pc would be at running FM10...I'm not very good with pc's at all I'm afraid
  6. Under Soild Heating

    I don't think it is something you can ask for but rather something that happens if you have the funds and if the board feels its necessary
  7. I don't know the official answer but had a thought. Maybe it's because technically you weren't really challenging for the PL title. For a long stretch of the season you were first then dropped to 2nd and stayed there until the end of the season. Maybe what the board wanted was for you and Chelsea to be swapping places often throughout the whole season. Just an idea but otherwise I'm as confused as you are.
  8. I think so...although I don't really remember lol, never mind, it just makes it a little more challenging! I'm really enjoying it, hence why I haven't changed releases yet. Sorry I meant League 6, I got promoted from League 7 in my second season on the last day of the season
  9. 7 games in 7 days...

    I'd have downloaded FMRTE and healed all of the players after every match...if you've cheated a little why not cheat a little again
  10. Just found out that I can't sign non-South Korean goalkeeps for Gillingham in my version. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just beacuse I added Gillingham for another team? As an update I've played 2 seasons now and I've gotten promotion to League 5 Have cheated* a little as I've been using the Winter break and the Pre-Season to play the top teams which brings in a little over 700K per match. Playing on a Sat and Wed every week for 6 weeks during the winter and 4 over the summer soon adds up to a nice little player fund :-) *I don't really call it cheating as it's something that the game allows. It is rather unrealistic but then what is realistic about Gillingham playing, holding thier own and even beating teams such as Sampdoria and Panathanikos
  11. Scoring too many early goals?

    I scored most of my goals in the 2nd season between the 75-90th minutes. In the first season it was between the 15th and 30th minutes.
  12. That is the only thing that causes me a little trouble, although as there are no reserve fixtures it means that I keep my squad size nice and small and I also cheat a little by checking my new youth players using FMRTE (this is the one and only thing I use FMRTE for) and then only keeping the ones with a PA of over 120 Also helps a great deal to keep my wage budgets down too
  13. U-21

    That sounds great being the England U21 boss. I'll try that out tonight Does anyone know if you can do it from the start or does it need to be something that happens during the game?
  14. The other problem is the processor speed. It's the same as mine, a 1.77ghz and the minimum required is 2.0ghz. I have 3gb of RAM on my laptop and it still runs slowly. I'm looking at investing in a new laptop