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  1. Thank you FrazT, greatly appreciated, raised with the tech guys as suggested.
  2. Thanks FrazT. Thanks for your help and support and happy to do so. Can you tell me how I do it or send a link etc as not too good at this type of thing!
  3. Tried the reload, no luck! Here is an example of the white on white!!
  4. Is anyone else having an issue where some items / messages in the Inbox are in a white format against a white background? I had the same issue in the beta and assumed it would get fixed with the rollout last night. I would say its about 25% of the messages as the ones in black are fine. Has anyone else come across this and does anyone know how to fix this issue (I cant see anything in preferences?) Many thanks.
  5. Just finished my pre season games and played my first league game. All looks good to me match engine wise (great job as always guys!!!) Having trouble getting used to the widgets not being on the pitch / playing screen and have to pause at time to keep on top of things. Suspect it is just a case of getting used to it and being nearly 60 years old I suspect its me, but did use to like the widgets being shall I say more visable. Not sure if I should report the following or if others have already done so. With my Inbox the text is often white, but against a white background so I cant read i
  6. Just watched the live stream from earlier in the week, great job by all the team and thought it was looking good. Just a couple of quick questions: Can you import tactics from FM 20? Have widgets now gone, couldn’t see them on the demo? Looking forward to playing the beta, hopefully early this coming week!!
  7. If I cant be online at 7.00pm can it be viewed at a later time in the evening or next day etc? Sorry I know nothing about Twitch!!
  8. Wouldnt be happy if I lost a player for 4 months though due to Covid! Even Boris and Trump were better in a few weeks!!! Will be interesting to see how SI approach as we all have different and interesting views on the subject!! Still cant wait for the Beta and the game itself!!!
  9. I have said before I think it is budgets where I would expect to see the biggest impacts. For me where they could introduce realism without going too far down the Covid route is with starting budgets. I am working on the basis that most teams will have very reduced transfer and wages budgets at least for the first 12 months. It wouldn’t feel right to have say a £50m budget from the off given most teams spent what they had in the last few days of the transfer window so it would be more real to work with the squad you have and maybe have a few youngsters on the bench in season 1. Will make it mo
  10. Really pleased with the release date as was anticipating a longer delay if I am honest. Will be a really interesting period to see what is in this year’s game. I have said on a different thread that I wouldn’t want to see Covid included. However will be interested to see how the SI team choose to work out team budgets as in real world we can see the impacts on finances and transfer fees and player wages etc. Many clubs are looking at loaning in players rather than buying with maybe an option to buy 12 months down the line. Something else interesting to see will be things like handb
  11. I am no expert on writing code, but my personal view is it would be quite a big undertaking to add in Covid when you consider finances, crowd attendance, player illness / fitness, player transfer fees / wages, team budgets etc. Likewise if a vaccine is developed and we start to see the end of this horrible virus then again the game (FM22?) would need to be coded once more to take Covid out. The guys at SI towers do an amazing job on a game which brings us such great enjoyment and I wouldn’t want to see Covid added in which then hopefully allows the guys to spend their time developing
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