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  1. With previous setting most players were sold for over 10 millon dollars which was not correct. You would bid for a defender on a 3rd tier team and they would ask 17 millon euro for it. Not very realistic. Big sales in Argentina are not that often despite last market, but I do agree some of the stars need to be improved in value. We are working on that, but getting the perfect balance is very difficult.
  2. He only has the spanish passport and has never requested the italian citizenship.
  3. Huge miss on my part, my apologies. Will have it amended.
  4. We are currently working on the structure, but struggling with the editor so far. the final you got river vs Boca, was that with River being local in the second game or the other way around?
  5. I need the real fixture/results of the Copa Libertadores so I can play the Boca - River final how can I do that? does the ingame editor work for amending results?
  6. We had him as "Hong" because that is what showed on the NA transfer communications, but you are right. We did some in depth research (ie, found his facebook) and it is indeed Hongn will ammend it for next patch. good catch!
  7. Anyone else gets this message after installing FM18 through steam? Currently your game purchase cannot be re-validated successfully, please wait 24 hours and try again
  8. Yes, our community will release a patch to activate the lower leagues as it has been in the past. So stay tuned!
  9. Victoriano Arenas is a team from the lowest division (Primera D), whose stadium is surrounded by a river. The place is very poor and dangerous. And to access the stadium you have to walk through a "favela" kind of place. some times when the ball is kicked out of the field into the water, it can't be retrieved until the navy police sails the area. The average attendance is below 500 due to these factors. Extremely difficult to improve as a club so definitely a challenge.
  10. Deportivo Riestra (Argentina Second Division) will start with -20 points. Tournament will be only 24 games, and last 6 will be relegated and not the last 6 ranked, but the last 6 averages. Since Riestra is playing this division for the first time, the average will be very sensitive to any points you lose. It has been calculated you have to get close to 65 points to maintain in the division, which at the same time, will put you in a promotion stage. Really interesting if you ask me
  11. Apparently the league will be changed for next year, there will be a short interim tournament (of 6 months) that will held 6 relegations (intead of the 4 we forecasted). That could be both fun and challenging in game. Get promoted for second division and you get a short 6 month tournament to make as much points as you can to not get relegated. Because how average works you are pretty much obliged to almost win the Primera Division league to stay
  12. Glad to see people playing our DB I always thought only us Argies played here and the ocasional adventurer. Great to know!
  13. Hi, I cant decide between these two: Hp Dv7 17.3 17 AMD A8 Quad Core 8gb Ati Radeon 8550 4GB (1780 USD) or Hp Envy Dv6t-7200 Intel Core i7 3630 16gb Video Geforce GT 630M 1Gb Bluray (1680 USD) The notebook will be mostly used for design programs like AutoCad, Photoshop and other similar visual utilities as the user is an interior design student.
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