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  1. I'm also planning to go to Mexico this year (but probably in the full release of the game). I'm considering either Pumas (personal connection) or Dorados de Culiacan (inspired by the Maradona en Sinaloa documentary :D) But a question for you. I thought that in real life the Mexican FA "froze" promotion to the first division for five years. So are you able to earn promotion with Cancun?
  2. From what Miles said in the Twitch stream, the relationship you have with agents will be more important. So in this scenario, if you express a strong interest just to get more info, but if you then do not follow up with an actual bid --> then you might upset the agent making your relationship worse. Obviously a worse relationship might lead to more difficult contract negotiations down the line. I'm quite curious about testing this new feature.
  3. If you end up picking VItesse, I have a nice little side quest. Vitesse is known in the Netherlands for having a stadium that is much larger than their fanbase. They never fill all their seats. So the challenge would be to have an average match attendance of 95% of stadium capacity
  4. I try to start preseason early (if you have an option to decide on the date) and use the first two weeks to focus exactly on the two areas you already mention, but more specifically with a focus on Endurance, Tactical and Match Practice. I also add in the team building exercises. (I focus mainly on Endurance rather than the other Physical sessions) Then the weeks after that I focus on tactical familiarity and fitness through friendly matches. In preseason I typically do not include any training sessions that are more focused on improving attributes or set pieces.
  5. I realize you're far into the future but those are some strong teams in Ligue 2!
  6. This always reminds me of Santiago Canizares. I believe he missed a world cup because he dropped a perfume bottle on his foot and broke his foot
  7. I believe both German players (based anywhere) and players based in Germany (any nationality) are eligible
  8. Nice career switch! Auxerre is on my shortlist for FM2022 saves so I'm curious if I can pick up a thing or two before the new game arrives
  9. "During" the match, yes. If you select your Opposition Formation as one of the panels then after roughly 25-30 minutes you will not only see your opponent's formation but also the player roles
  10. Have you tried this player interaction option where you discuss a contract renegotiation with a player? It might be a way to lower your wage budget even before January. I've never actually used it myself but Barcelona seem like the perfect opportunity to try it
  11. I too find the Analyst Report most useful. In addition to the heat map the pass map can be quite useful to identify your opponent's main playmaker. I find the heatmap very useful in addition to the Scout Report that goes into your Inbox to identify where there will be gaps in your opponent's set up. For example, you can identify if they play a defensive full back or a offensive wingback. You might identify a gap between their defensive line and midfield or you can see which of their CMs is likely to make forward runs. With information like that I then like to determine where I'll play my playmaker, on which side of my midfield I'll use a Mezzala, if I play a inverted winger on support or a winger on attack etc.
  12. Impressive, you've really established yourself as the top team in France in the last two seasons. Could you share the tactic(s) you're using these days?
  13. Congrats! What an impressive way to beat PSG! I feared that you had reached the ceiling but you broke through it in impressive fashion What's next for you and Dijon? Chase the first cup win and beat PSG's streak there?
  14. I think your settings for "Play Through The Middle" and "Narrow" could actually be hurting your chances of seeing through balls centrally, as the centre of the pitch becomes very congested with those settings. Additionally, you are pressing high and you are Man Utd, so teams will be pinned back in their own half more. This means there's less space to exploit in general. If you're keen to see more defence splitting passes then consider dropping your line of engagement and play more in transition. One thing I'd look at are the traits for your playmaker (does Fernandes have Plays Through Balls/Tries Killer Passes), as well as his PIs. For example I'd set Fernandes to 'Take More Risks' if that isn't already part of the AP-A instructions. You could also set a Team Instruction for Take More Risks. If I recall correctly then risk taking has a strong influence on the frequency of through passes.
  15. Yeah, sounds like you're in the right place. I see two options though, one for Leaderboard and another for 'Hall of Fame'. If you don't then there might be a bug or an issue with a custom skin?
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