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  1. League was 120+ goals and points 106 or so. Bit higher than season 2 when I played 4411 but had a better team/more developed players.
  2. Finally finished season 3 using Kashmir 433MUP111. Fantastic if you have an elite level team but for tough away games a 4411/442 variant is likely best. WBR & WBL leave lots of space in behind against Liverpool/City who play 433. The new version Knap posted (KASHMIR 433 VOL 5 P102 EC CC) looks very encouraging. Greenwood broke all sorts of scoring records
  3. No idea, transfers in my game have been crazy. I only loaded the Premier League as playable so maybe other leagues got more money than is realistic? Results all due to Knap's tactic!
  4. I think it is this one: TEA FOR ONE 4411 p100 cc Yes, cancelled the loan in the first transfer window. He starts injured so only available for a short period before then. If you are playing with 2 strikers he could be useful but in a 1 striker formation Martial should start with Greenwood as backup, Rashford as another option but he is best as a winger.
  5. Half way through season 3. Started season 1 with TFFs tactic but was not solid away from home, switched to Knap's 4411 - IMO best tactic for Man Utd in 1st season (thinking about starting another game to test it from start). Season 2 won everything playing the 4411 (rage quite 2 games so not a pure example - BUT both were tough away and I did not start with defensive version of tactic). Wanted to try the 3 striker version so changed to this for season 3. Bruno Fernandes would be the Mezzala but out for 7 months. Did not really need to buy De Ligt but got bored and had 250M
  6. Kashmir 433 MU P111 is an amazing tactic, scoring for fun. Mason Greenwood tearing it up in the right striker position. Definitely needs to be combined with a big game away tactic (I will use a variation of Tea For One 4411p100CC). Danger especially high when play away against a 433 with good AML & AMR - they can get far too much space behind your WBL & WBR (same problem with all formations without DL & DR).
  7. @TotalfootballfanThanks for the detailed reply. My comment on away performance obviously only apply to Man Utd in this save - pointing out some consistent results. Big issue was yellow/red cards; could be factor of player quality (dirtiness, aggression and tackling ability). Going to try a version with hard tackling removed and change mentality. Home form outstanding.
  8. Testing Annihilator as Man Utd; performing very well at home but badly away. Many yellows and red cards. Tried changing mentality to Balanced but does not make enough difference. Going to try Cerber as the away tactic and see if that is an improvement.
  9. Your situation definitely seems bugged, although depends on your league position. Many boards/owners in real life really are that nuts.
  10. Fired by Roma board for being knocked out of Europa League and Italian Cup despite leading Serie A by 6 pts with 9 games to play! FM is good at representing awful ownership. Annihilator is a great tactic, let down by some (very few) away games being caught on the counter, despite starting on Balanced mentality. Going to see how it does with Man Utd now.
  11. Very good results so far with Annihilator V1 as Roma. Changing to Shield Wall to see out games. Especially pleased with 4-0 win over Chris Rock, I mean Zebre, I mean Juventus
  12. Using Sympathy with Man Utd season 1 and results very mixed. Home it is good, away not good at all. I watch games, no OI, very few shouts. Will stick with it for a few more games to see if results turn around. Problem is that it is too open and I am getting caught out on counter against teams with fast/good players. The losses were probably deserved and not unlucky, I had chances but the opponents had more/better and seemed to be in control of the games. One crucial item is attacking corners - make sure to set your takers to players who are not your fullbacks. If a fu
  13. Season 2 and I have been using AF instead of a CF - still only November but results seem to be even better, my team is top young talent so as they progress that could be a factor. Will keep going and post results.
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