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  1. I think it will work well and worth trying but probably need something like the 4141 for tougher games against the biggest teams (especially Liverpool, the evil empire of this year's FM). TIME 4141 is great for me but interested in others who have used it. I am not completely familiar with the Leicester squad but took a look and would think these are best players for each position: GK: Schmeichel DR: Ricardo Pereira (elite!) / Justin DL: Castagne / Justin DCL: Evans / Fuchs (maybe, left footed but slow) DCR: Soyuncu MC: Ndidi (top quality) / Mendy
  2. DARK SIDE OF THE MOON 4312 P106 EC FA Salah 75 Goals This link should download the tactic. The link in my comment should open directly to Knap's original post. Some tips: STCR: Play a left footer. Knap had Salah and I use Greenwood = Goooooaaaallsss Wingers: Try to use ones with the correct foot, e.g. ML = Left Footed, and if possible without the trait to cut in from the wing they play on. They can get loads of assists this way.
  3. @Rengarfloki @smlrch1892 This is the tactic I use: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/451185-fm-21-fm-20-tactic-list-fm-19-recommended-tactic-list/page/363/?tab=comments#comment-12864810 Changes I made and start all games with are: Mentality: Positive Defensive Line: Standard Tackling: Removed 'Get Stuck In' In the screenshot you can see latest results, I think the new patch was from around the Burnley game. So still doing amazingly well. Playing as Man Utd, 3rd season with very good team. My defensive tactic (which I do not use much) is
  4. In my limited run of games on the new patch I am scoring just as many goals from corners/long-throws as before. Could just be variance in your game (or mine). Continued using HGF 4132 and killing it on the new patch, patch appears to have changed nothing.
  5. Season 2 Results: MUFC DARK SIDE OF THE MOON P100 ALL CUPS As noted - having wingers with the correct foot (left on left, right on right) is very helpful. Won all competitions except Carabao Cup (lost in final). 105 pts in league, scored 129 goals Destroyed Liverpool 9-0 & Chelsea 8-2 on aggregate in UCL. Easy 4-0 win over Inter in final. Greenwood scored 35 goals in league, new division record. 59 in all comps Martial got 32 in league. 47 in all comps Spent money but only major first team signing was Sancho, most of 1st team already at club. Some no
  6. Manchester United | Season 1 Results | DARK SIDE OF THE MOON 4312 P106 EC FA Salah 75 Goals Won both Premier Division & European Cup. Beat Liverpool at home on last game of season to win league and beat Man City 3-0 in UCL final Thoughts on tactic: 1. Very dependent on the strikers who get vast majority of goals. Suffered mid-season slump in results when they stopped performing. 2. Not that easy to build squad for formation due to need of ML & MR plus other positions 3. 2nd half of season after drop in performance I played with Positive mentality, Standar
  7. Absolutely. Considering how "lazy" I was with this test season the results are amazing. No changes to individual or coach training, tried shouts and team talks to see new impact (throwing bottles not as effective as FM20). Forgot to put De Gea back in goal for a period after cup game... etc. You mentioned previously that full release likely to more difficult. Kind of hope so.
  8. For those asking the 4231 I used with Man Utd is this one. It has been posted previously and I originally found it on a YouTube video. Definitely suggest modifying mentality based on Home vs Away and strength of opponent. Also lowering defensive line as needed based on opponents strikers. The BBM midfielder gets better stats compared to the DLP - in my season Pogba's numbers were not very good. Van Der Beek did very well. Note on fitness: This is an all action tactic (like almost all good ones). So if you are winning by 2+ goals in last 20 minutes I change many settings t
  9. BETA Season 1 with Man Utd using Knap Beowulf Crusho Tweak - fantastic results Won League and UCL. Runner-up in FA CUP and only single loss in League. Started mentality Positive most games, big games Cautious with D-line dropped one and Get Stuck In removed. AMR & AML do really nicely in this formation. Greenwood had 16 league assists and took no corners.
  10. There is a link in the YouTube description, working very well for me with Man Utd (early in the season still when results are usually best).
  11. League was 120+ goals and points 106 or so. Bit higher than season 2 when I played 4411 but had a better team/more developed players.
  12. Finally finished season 3 using Kashmir 433MUP111. Fantastic if you have an elite level team but for tough away games a 4411/442 variant is likely best. WBR & WBL leave lots of space in behind against Liverpool/City who play 433. The new version Knap posted (KASHMIR 433 VOL 5 P102 EC CC) looks very encouraging. Greenwood broke all sorts of scoring records
  13. No idea, transfers in my game have been crazy. I only loaded the Premier League as playable so maybe other leagues got more money than is realistic? Results all due to Knap's tactic!
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