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  1. I agree it's a bad oversight by SI - they had it right before (the "New Schedule" option in the drop-down menu in a player profile) but some bright spark took it out. Selecting "New Schedule" would also use the schedule a player was already on as a template, allowing you to make individual schedules easily without creating from scratch every time. While I'm moaning - why doesn't the training level progress section work? You should be able to click on each Training level section - Strength, Aerobic, Defending etc. - and display progress in the selected area. At the moment you get overall no matter what section you select.
  2. I'm fairly sure that league reputation is the main factor on how good your youth team regens are - check out all the quality South American regens that come from clubs with poor facilities and low reputations. League rep is fixed, but club rep can be raised through success and things like signing superstars and building a new stadium.
  3. Consistency can increase, but usually only by 3 or 4 at most, and Important Matches doesn't improve at all. Natural Fitness is also static, but Bravery, Aggression and Influence do go up, although not usually by much and I'm not sure what causes the increases either.
  4. I find that players stop gaining as much from reserve/youth football after about age 19, so I send them out on loan then. Before I send them out I check the team I'm sending them to; first to make sure that my player will be the best (or near to) in his position so he's likely to play often, and second to make sure that the club he's going to is the correct level of football - i.e. my player should be at least an average player in that squad, but not massively superior (sending a Rooney to a Mansfield FC doesn't make sense to me ). Finally, if I send him and his average rating after a month or two is below 6.8ish, I'll recall him as they gain most from playing well. Having the right level of challenge for a player and having him meet the challenge matters far more than the training ground/coaches etc. of the loaning team as far as I can tell.
  5. Tutoring results test

    You could well be right, I've not done any proper testing on it. Maybe it could be CA? The higher CA, the more difficult tutoring is? This would explain older players being harder to change. Or.....I could just be wrong
  6. Tutoring results test

    This is a great post, nice one Stormen Some things I've noticed about tutoring: Having the tutoring playing regularly, and well, also seems to improve the tutoring. This may just be linked to the tutoring having a high morale though, I'm not sure. If the player to be tutored likes you, he'll always accept the tutor you recommend, no matter the personality difference. After tutoring has finished you have to wait 180 days until you can go again (unless on an unpatched FM 2010, when you could do it straight away). Younger seems to be better for tutoring players, as you'd probably expect; I've seen some big changes in 15-17 year olds being tutored by world-class players. After about 19, they seem to become harder to change.
  7. I had Aguero and retrained him to CM (yeah stupid I know- don't judge ), and he didn't have any attribute drop. I think this is because he was already Natural in AM; very similar positions, therefore no drop. This is something I have observed quite a bit - I think if you'd retrained Aguero to AML and he was already a Natural AMR (or LM) instead of AM, I don't think he'd have had any attributes dropping.
  8. Basic questions about tutoring

    It's the general consensus that all the options are the same. My personal view is similar to what you observed - that the one you choose dictates how likely it is to be accepted (each option compares different attributes to decide whether the players like the idea or not). The end result is the same though, I think. Whether or not a player likes you also counts as to whether he accepts the tutor or not. It's not completely random, and you can get big boosts in Determination and the hidden mental stats if you tutor over a number of years. The ability, form, reputation of the tutor, the age of the tutee (the younger the more easily they change), and similarities of tutor/tutee personalities and playing positions all affect how well the tutoring goes.
  9. Training!!!

    I have schedules for each position (RB,CB,AM etc.) which I put players in when get to the age of about 21, or when they are almost fully developed. Before that I make individual schedules so I can "shape" them how I want. If a player is in a schedule for a position, and you select "New Schedule" from his training tab, it will put him in a copy of the schedule he was previously in - so you only have to tweak it a little instead of starting from scratch. It seems like a pain but once it's done you only have to maintain it when new players come in.
  10. It's right mate, trust me I'm a doctor . Why not take the retraining off and holiday for 6-12 months to test it? (then reload where you've seen it confirmed). Make sure you pick the team and check the "use current team when possible option" without him at right-back, or your Assman will probably keep playing him there and he'll never lose it. As long as the retraining is off, and you don't play him at right-back, he'll lose the position. How long it takes is dependant on the hidden attribute "Versatility". So playing him CM or AM is fine
  11. I doubt it would help a great deal.Competitive football is needed, at a level where the player can perform reasonably well.
  12. It's the average intensity as far as I know (mouse over it for a tool tip).You don't need to reduce it, your workloads are light which is what matters. How on earth did you get 5 stars in all areas? editing? I've never seen even one 5 star coach yet.
  13. I agree with what you're saying. I'm not asserting that I know what causes it, only that it does happen; and that the greater number of positions a player knows, and how foreign a retrained position is to him, seem to be the cause of this drop. What exactly happens "under the hood" of this game is beyond the knowledge of anyone outside of the developers.
  14. The drop in attributes seems to happen when the retrained position is very different from a player's natural position, and also when a player is already at least "Accomplished" in 2 or 3 positions. To be honest, I think more than a simple CA cost is happening as when I've experienced it, the attribute loss is extreme; I'm talking 2 point losses in 80% of the attributes. If retraining is discontinued and the retrained position goes to at least "Competent", a month or two later all the losses come back at once.
  15. As above, also the more different a retrained position is from his usual position, the more attribute losses. If you stop the retraining, he'll eventually lose that position and a couple of months later he'll regain all he lost