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  1. hi

    yeah sorry stupid question
  2. hi

    hi i have a dilema i have a laptop and a xbox 360 console i want concentrate on just playing football manager 2010 on my laptop or play on my xbox 360 and play fifa 13 iam confused what is the best game to play what would you play on any help thanks
  3. football manager 2010

    do you think medium database will work ok on my laptop with me managing only aston villa in the premiership i have hp windows 7 64 bit 3gb ram 300 gb hard drive intel celeron 2.10ghz/2.09 ghz dual core processor
  4. i still play this game does anybody else play fm10 or is it really out dated now any feed bk please
  5. steam question fm12

    ok thanks mate
  6. i installed fm 12 on my steam account but awhile back i decided to delete it i have now decided to re install fm 12 on my steam account but have this question when i put the fm 12 disk into my laptop and i click to install it through steam it starts installing at 80% i thought this could be wrong so i tried installing without the disk and through steam instead and this started downloading at 0% can anybody tell me which way is best to install fm12 i would like the first option starting at 80% but not sure if this is wrong any help please
  7. fm10,fm11 orfm12

    thanks for the help
  8. fm10,fm11 orfm12

    so i should play fm12
  9. fm10,fm11 orfm12

    i thinki stick with fm10
  10. fm10,fm11 orfm12

    intel celeron dual core 2.10/209ghz
  11. fm10,fm11 orfm12

    my processor speed is 2.10/2.09ghz dual core celeron
  12. what fm do u think would run best on my laptop or would all they run the same my laptop is hp intel celeron dual core processor 3gbram 300gbhard drive 64bit windows 7 any feed bak please
  13. could my laptop run fm13 ok my specs are hp laptop intel celeron dual core 2.10ghz/2.9ghz 3gb ram 300gb hard drive windows 7 64 bit i would just load up premiership uk on a small database managing aston villa only comentry no 3d match view any feed back please