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  1. Thanks I'll try that. I also noticed that Chelsea and Manchester United are playing in the Wessex League Cup, what should not be right.
  2. @RTC: Any idea of what it could be? I have patch 11.1 installed, and I have no other editor files selected :confused:
  3. I'm very sure I'm not using that one. The name of the file is "FM2011 to level 8 build 1-1.07.dbc" and I downloaded it this morning.
  4. I have downloaded the lvl 8 version (the new one), have selected the lowest league, and I don't use any other editor files. But I still get Premier League teams in the FA Vase... Somebody a clue how this is possible?
  5. I've had this too. Even a couple of times already. Pretty frustrating...
  6. Competition time!

    "Please pick me! Please pick me!"