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  1. No, I'm not suggesting a football chairman, I'm only asking for a feature be completely implemented or removed. If I can't do anything with my salary, I might as well not see it there, negotiated or otherwise. And NO, I don't think football chairman is a rubbish idea! I'm not that into this experience but I've seen a lot of people who are and it's still part of the football club experience and SI would gain a lot for enabling it. Either as part of FM or as a separate game. Aren't we all here because we want to experience another life, another adventure? Some want to be managers, some would want just to be coaches and some chairmans, we all have our dreams and SI could enable these dreams and make good money out of it rather than dismissing them. They released a Hockey Manager so it looks like they want to expand their business.
  2. Why isn't it a good idea? Why would you personally hate or mind this? This did happen in my home town, with a successful coach investing money in his childhood team to prevent it from closing. So yeah, it can happen, you don't hear about it very often because if it happens, it does at a very small scale or level but it's a perfectly valid scenario and the game should give you this option. All of my friends would love this, would love the option to immerse even more into the experience and into a particular club/team. And yes, the salary is a silly number! What job security? I've been playing FM for 10 years and never felt this affects how clubs approach me. Yes, if I request or set a high salary then obviously this would scare some clubs, but that's the thing: there's no point in asking for a high salary!
  3. I've been requesting this feature since fm 2008 at least but I don't know why it wasn't implemented by now. It doesn't take that much time/effort and it would change considerably the game immersion. FEATURE: Implement a simple bank account for user/manager with an amount that increases year after year based on salary earned, bonuses, etc and then allow the user to re invest or just simply donate that amount back to the club (the club he's contracted with). I don't want something arcade like fifa manager where you can buy houses or boats or any crap like that but being able to reinvest would mean so much! You could slave away 3 years at man city, earn like 10 mil and then reinvest at Nottingham Forest - that would be amazing! Not to mention the added incentive or actually winning a trophy (for man city) for the salary bonus that could get you one step closer to achieving your dream (have more money to invest at Nott Forest ) But no, at the moment, the salary it's just a silly number, negotiating your salary means nothing, breaks immersion and reminds you that this is just a silly game and you could very well work for 1 euro!
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