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  1. If you get your tactics spot on you will destroy Everton. All about precision in the tactics mate.
  2. How dare you all question regens. Theres no problem at all, Its all greatand fantastic. FM2010 truly is the best game ever invented. Any flaws are your imagination. Everything works very very well.
  3. Its tactics mate. Have you checked your formation properly?
  4. I'm actually tired of this now. I,ve got a moderator with a grudge closing my threads for no real reason. I'm really bored by it, and Im out of here for good. You can all keep attacking us for our complaints but when alot of us leave and SI cannot generate enough income to continue this franchise, Dont say you didnt get plenty of warning. As it stands CM is actually doing a few things better than FM nowadays. Keep dropping the ball and CM must surley hit the spot one day, It might very well be next year. Now close this thread, give me another absurd infraction and give yourself a pat on the back. You truly deserve it.
  5. I cant be the only one who knows the ME has been destroyed. Theres some beta tester on a podcast claiming marking is excellent, Maybe he shouldnt be a tester anymore because thats a lie. Even all the SI fanboys know there is a big problem with marking and general defending. Does SI have any internal beta testing? or is it all out sourced to the customer for free?
  6. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    Not alot has been changed really. I look through it and you can easily mistake it for the original bar a few certain strings.
  7. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    I made it up. But I might release it in the new year
  8. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    Homophobic? I think someone is reading between the lines a little too much.
  9. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    Excellent display by <p> He really has been the dog bollocks tonight.
  10. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    The <t> supporters are leaving the stadium already!! They've seen enough, and what a load of bollocks it was.
  11. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    <p1> plays it down the line for <p2> who probably snorted one at half time.
  12. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    <p1> gives it the full gun!!! And....and....He's fired a blank....again.
  13. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    Mistake by <p1>!|He's put that into his own goal!!! What a complete tool.
  14. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    All my posts are jokes mate. Im reinventing the commentary and including them.
  15. [RELEASE] Commentary Pack BETA

    It's a race between <p1> and <p2> The fat one is gonna lose this battle.