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  1. The "Doctor" option also seems to fix the long-term problem potentially (says it in the text). Many teams do not have doctors, so the specialist is the only option other than physio. Teams with doctors have the additional option of the doctor, which often appears to have the same potential effect as a specialist, except that, because (s)he's already on your payroll, you don't have to pay the fee.
  2. I think the only cost incurred by trials relates to coaching resources. Trialists occupy your coaches in training. So it's possible your contracted players' training results may be adversely affected by their presence. On the other hand, everyone outside of my senior squad is pretty much garbage anyway, so I don't care. I just move trialists to the U-23s, where they may detract from the team's training outcomes, but at least I don't care about the affected players.
  3. I find a DLP(d), BBM, AP(s) works for me in my LLM save. I use the same roles and duties for my midfield trio whether I use a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1. I imagine if it works for an underdog in the VNN, it could work for a technically gifted squad like Arsenal. Good luck.
  4. My Very Terrible Striker, playing as a DLF, has 9 goals from 12 matches so far in the VNN. He's missing plenty, but he's also scoring pretty freely.
  5. Maybe verify your game files? That's definitely weird as heck.
  6. Ugh. Care to elaborate a little? This kind of mechanic is utterly obfuscated to the player, as you must know. There's a difference between using language efficiently and not even trying to be helpful. In what way does it matter? What kind of coach works well for which PPMs? Are coaching attributes, mental attributes, or some combination factored in?
  7. In CM 01/02 (maybe 00/01), I had a player head butt the referee. Earned himself a 9 month universal ban. I miss that. They're just sets of variables. They're not real players.
  8. Maybe, but, at least in my experience, as long as their squad status is sufficiently low, they seem to do ok. Either way, if he wants to solve the stated problem, I'm not sure there's another approach.
  9. Put them in the first team. Then set them to be available for 90 minutes in U19 matches. That should be all there is to it. Because they are in the first team, the U23s don't count them as available. But because you set them to be available for U19s, they'll still play for the youth team.
  10. Seeing as one's own assistant counts the current foreign under 21s already in the side when reporting on the foreign player limits, despite them being able to play without registering, I'm sure you're right that the AI loan system is unaware too.
  11. Weird. I have that problem on FM17, but you say you didn't encounter it until FM18. Either way, I think it's because, depending on which flavor of Brexit you got, they'll have to obtain work permits. Do you know which Brexit you got in FM17? How about in your current save?
  12. I think it has to do with the CA/PA system. Some of the vision attribute points are being repurposed elsewhere.
  13. My gateway drug game for management sims was a game called Baseball Mogul. Very similar to OOTP. It was packaged with Football Mogul (American football, in this case). It was pretty lousy. The main problem is the 16 game season. It's not really enough events to be satisfying. In FM, your team will get 40-50 games/season. In OOTP, you get 162. Basketball and hockey? 82 each. For a sim, where the only way to measure your progress is by analyzing the automated (or player-directed, but still largely automated) games, 16 is not really enough to give a sense of how your decisions affect the simmed outcomes. It's over before you know it. Further, play calling in American football is different than in any other sport. It's essentially a whole lot of set pieces, one after the other. I suppose you could call every play, or hire coaches to do that, but, at that point, you're in charge of too many little events for it to be any fun. So the granularity of it is deeply flawed. You either have to ignore the fundamental unit of football, the individual play, or be responsible for every single damned one of them. I see why the idea might be appealing, but, at least in the manifestation I've seen, it didn't add up to a very pleasant experience.
  14. I have a fully integrated, user-customized plug-in that I use. Wait. Nope. Post-It Notes. I use Post-It Notes.
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