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  1. would i then need to start a new save when the full release is here? cause that's a huge issue
  2. ok, thank you. they are called; Lyngby BK (New)-3 Lyngby BK (New)-2 Lyngby BK (New) appreciate you trying!
  3. these are the earlier saves that i have but my ssd broke with the first save i uploaded (got a new pc) but i still have issues opening the two earlier saves
  4. i have to other previous versions of the same save that i can't open. can i try to upload them as well?
  5. uploaded as it crashed again, called Lyngby BK.fm to your ftp /fm/game-save
  6. I shut down the system from start->Power-> Shut down... alway I do have old backup saves 2 seasons behind, they load up perfectly I use Windows Defender There are no previous versions on this file. don't know why though. i'm +250 hours into the file
  7. I get the "Game could not be loaded" when trying to load the save game from the cloud.
  8. no worries - as stated, going on holiday through the game where he was suspended fixed the issue for me
  9. Only this one http://fmslovakia.com/downloads/kitpacks/fc12-season-201718/fc12-denmark-alka-superliga-201718/#
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