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  1. Will I still be able to install the game from the disk? In previous years when I've bought the disk and installed through this apparently apocalypse creating bit of software otherwise known as steam, it downloaded the game instead of installing from disk (unless I did something wrong in my haste to play) when the game was sat in my disk drive!! In the end I gave up and installed without steam due to my impatience not paranoia.
  2. Some good ideas and bad in this thread, chairman mode or buying clubs being bad in my opinion. Building stadiums, negotiating sponsorships – also bad. Some of my thoughts are a little all over the place but I’ll give it a shot anyway! If something is to be done with your manager earnings (which are pointless as it is) how about placing a bet with your players? Similar to Sir Alex betting Ronaldo how ever much it was that he won’t score ‘x’ amount of goals. Maybe only do it if there is a good relationship between you and the player. Appointing a youth academy director and that having some affect on the quality of players produced in a good idea. Setting up youth academies in foreign countries is also a good idea, maybe employing ex players as ambassadors to go and do a bit of coaching or PR there to drag in more potential players. Rather than just retiring old players (club icons/legends) that no longer wish to remain in the game the option to employ them as a club ambassador would be welcome… even David May has some connection to Manchester United like this doing after dinner speaking. Also when you take over a club the option to keep a long serving/elderly/successful manager on as an ambassador; case in point Sir Alex. The ability to ask the board to increase your staff limits would be a good idea as well, particularly for scouts. This would be an excellent addition, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve looked away and missed a goal only to be frustrated by not knowing who scored it. Referee interaction and the resulting fall out from the F.A, maybe not direct but commenting on referee appointment or performance in the pre and post match interview. On numerous occasions this season referees performance has been influenced by comments made by managers or the media before a game. E.g. their tendency to award penalties be it in favour of one team or in general or not award blatant penalties. This could be followed up in the press conference after the match as well. Also interaction wise the chance to abuse international managers for injuring your players in meaningless friendlies (or just international games in general which are just footballing hypocrisy to my mind) or not picking a player you feel is better than some of their quite frankly bizarre selections at times. Fostering a bad relationship with a national manager could also affect the likeliness of him picking players from your team or like Sven years ago when Fergie was giving him a hard time, have his mummy coming out to tell Sir Alex to leave him alone! The ability to issue a statement to the press when a player leaves wouldn’t go amiss either. I’ve lost count of the number of players I’ve shipped out for being useless only to be told when I meet their new club that we left on good terms and I think the sun shines out of their backside. Quick statements like ‘I wish the player well for the future.’ ‘The player did not develop as expected.’ ‘I allowed him to move so he could get first team football.’ ‘He is totally useless and couldn’t hit a cows backside with a banjo.’ If I release some 18 year old no hoper from the stiffs I don’t really want to know he is playing against me when I meet his new division 4 team in the carling cup. Appointing a head scout to delegate scouting assignments to and maybe informing him of the kind of player you want to find would help for the casual player who doesn’t want to get into the scouting too deeply. He could also present a weekly scouting report collated from the scouting team (a bit like the backroom advice feature) rather than having all your scouts bombarding your news feed all at once. If you set your assistant manager to handle training give him a list of things you want him to concentrate on such as youth, maybe even concentrate on more promising players such as focus on improving their weaknesses. Also training related in the run up to a final put a focus on training for penalties. More could be made of manager rivalries like Sir Alex and Rafa. Causing another manager to have a full on mental breakdown in the way Fergie has with Rafa would be excellent. Further implementing fan interaction along with this would be good as well. Rafa seems to have the scousers eating out of his fat paws because he trots out the spirit of Shankley nonsense and throws in a few lines from You’ll never walk alone despite the fact he is a clueless bumbling idiot who lucked into a champions league win with Houlliers team and has done precious little since. They are still singing his praises making out he is the best manager ever and got behind his facts rant nonsense. Fans thoughts on such things through forums could be integrated as part of media coverage. This could be affected by their expectations (based on clubs history or in the case of Manchester City fans their bank balance) and the fans ability to comprehend reality which if you see any Liverpool forums you will know they don’t! The ability to comment on the board, if you feel they haven’t backed you financially say so (again like Rafa who has no money to spend so he can’t buy £20m players!).