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  1. I agree slightly with some of your comments. Indeed the 3th gif is a difficult ball and I shouldn't have included it above. First one I think is just ridiculous. Not the fact that my pass was kicked at the back of my own teammate, but the amount of free space my opponent has afterwards and still isn't able to play a simple 15 meter (through)ball to a completely unmarked teammate. Also for that short 15 meter (through)ball in the 4th gif, it shouldn't matter what stats the players have. Even if they have 2 passing, vision, composure, they should in my opinion still be able to give that pass without any trouble. Same for that 2nd pass decision, you should be banned ever touching a ball again in real life if that would happen. And as I said, this is combined from watching 20 minutes of full game (a bit first half, a bit second half), can't imagine how often these things happen if I watch an entire match in FM. That throw in can be a combination of things, but a player should never be put in a situation like that. Might be an one-off ofcourse, but given the fact that almost every throw-in will end up in losing the ball I think it's unrealistic. And I agree, you can't do anything with gifs. I'm willing to watch some more games entirely next week and open a topic with things like this. I'll upload a pkm and will write the times things like this happen. Will be a hell of a list, but hope it helps to improve, because a.t.m. I'm really not enjoying FM because this what i believe is really bad.
  2. Bought the game 2 days ago, my thoughts on the ME: - 90% of the throw ins on your own hall you'll end up loosing the ball - Passing seems horrible. Playing in the Dutch second league, know that the players aren't the best, but after having watched some gimes entirely it's honestly ridiculous. (See some gifs below, just examples from combined 20 minutes ingame) Same bug as every year: Just too painfull to watch an entire game on this ME, really challenging to not get frustrated if you see wat nonsense is happining what you normally don't see. Besides the ME it's looking quite well actually.
  3. So if he for example played as an Complete Forward 10 games and had bad ratings during those games his ability for that role drops?
  4. How is it possible that my striker isn't suited to play as an complete forward? He is very allround and has high suitability to play all the other roles.
  5. After looking in the bugs forum found a thread about it, will post there more examples in the upcoming days. Will make a note to raise it further, as throw ins could do with plenty of work in my opinion http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/448337-16-2-0-Bizarre-Throw-in-behavior-in-defensive-third-of-pitch
  6. Started playing again few weeks ago since a few months of not playing and after watching quite a lot of games on very extended and some on full match I saw a few things which were very annoying. Since I know there will be no more patch for this version, I´d like to know whether these bugs/problems are know and being looked into for FM 17. Bugged throw-ins at your own final third I think this happens one or two times a match on average. When you get a throw-in in your defensive third of the pitch, your fullback throws the ball to the nearest centerback. Instead of coming to the ball the receiving centreback decides to walk away letting the opposing striker take the ball and walk towards goal. Unable to defend overlapping fullbacks with your wingers When playing against an opponent who let's (one of) their fullback(s) I want my wingers to track them back to prevent them from bombing forward unmarked and to prevent giving away easy crossing opportunities. To do this I give my winger(s) the instruction to man mark the opposing fullback(s). The problem I see is that my wingers stop marking the fullback once they are going over the halfway line. At that point they stop tracking back/marking and this leaves the fullback in al kind of spaces. Backpasses to the goalkeeper leading to a corner I think this is a bug that has been in FM since almost 5 years. Still there are on average one or two moments per game that this happens. Unable to defend crosses aimed at the far post Massive point of frustration this one. Seems like the fullbacks almost turn off and leave the man at the far post totally free. Can somebody confirm these points are being looked into? I'm willing to upload pkm's when necessary.
  7. Thanks for your comment! Dropped my winger from the AMR/AML slot to the MR/MR spot and due to them tracking back more the fullbacks are also sitting more narrowly. Seems to work for now.
  8. If I´m correct the width setting in team instructions sets the with in the attacking phase? How do I set my defensive width? I know it's not possible, but I want my full backs to sit very narrow. At this moment they are leaving quite a bit of space between themselves and the centre back for opponent wingers to cut into. Does the role my fullback has also have impact on the defensive side for him? I see a lot of trough balls between my left full back and left centre back, and my left full back plays as a attacking full back (attack). Does this role adds more defensive width as compared to a fullback on defend duty?
  9. Is favoured personel removed from the player information screen? Need to sign a friend of my player to keep him happy. Where can i find what player is one of his friend? Edit: Oh, hasn't been removed, only on the player who did the request it isn't showing. So no favoured personel i guess. How do I know who to sign?
  10. Maybe been mentioned before, but the way my defensive line moves in defensive transition caught my eye. Might be because of my tactic (4321 (3 cm's, 1 s, 1d, 1a)), but whenever my opponent counters, my midfielders will put pressure on the opponent on the ball looking to counter and my four defenders sprint 50 meters back to their own penalty-area (even if the opponent striker stays at the half-way line), creating a massive gap (30/40 meter) between my midfield and defence resulting in a very dangerous situation. Will look for pkm's when I boot up the game.
  11. Also having this problem with my wingbacks/fullbacks. Currently having a setup with a fullback on support duty with in front of him an inside forward on support. If I'm correct my fullback (on support) has the following instructions: stay wider, cross more often (this one for sure) and he get's a lot of opportunities to cross the ball with the closest opponent staying 10 meters away from him. Instead of an easy cross he choses to stand still and wait till the opponent is close to him and then play a cross wich will allmost every time be blocked by te defender.
  12. After saving a game on the cloud on my pc upstairs I am unable to see the saved game in the cloud when I'm on my laptop downstairs. Any idea how this is possible? If i boot up my pc upstairs I can start the game from the cloud, if I open FM downstairs on my laptop downstairs I can't see the game in the cloud. I'm on the same steam-account on my laptop as on my pc, logged of on my pc upstairs (after syncing was done). More people with this problem?
  13. I'm getting a ridicilous number of yellor and red cards despite committing fewer fouls than my opponents every match. Always been the team with the least amount of cards, but in this game it's almost a red because of 2 times yellow and a penalty againts me every game. Also getting emails on playing to close to the edge or cross the line to often, but I neve commit more than 10 fouls a game. Am playing with high pressure and high d-line, but gues this shouldn't affect these extra ordinary amount of cards.
  14. It would be ok - not a terribly fast processor but it would do the job. Thank you Eugene, would this laptop be better? Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4210U 1.7 GHz dual-core RAM: 8GB DDR3 Capacity: 500GB HDD GPU: AMD Radeon™ R5-M230 Forgot to mention that FM is the only game I play (on laptop) and I do this on 2D mode. Other question: Since I only play on 2D, should and Intel HD 5500 Graphics card do the the job for me?
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