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  1. https://www.acmilan.com/it/news/media/2018-08-13/comunicato-ufficiale-manuel-locatelli
  2. Ora Locatelli parte definitivo al Sassuolo ma dovrebbe essere in prestito con trasferimento definitivo la prossima stagione (come Kessie)
  3. I've always used strikers on the opposite side of their preferred feet; is this wrong?
  4. Just started a new game; I will report if the tactic doesn't work as intended
  5. Is it possible to make a version with this roles for 18.2.2? It's my favorite
  6. Hey Cleon, thanks for the reply. Since it can happen at any time, is there a way to track it easily without checking every player? And how do you decide when to make changes in training?
  7. Hey guys, can't find this anywhere... When do attribute changes actually happens? On a daily base or monthly?
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