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  1. Defensive formations seem to work far better at ...being defensive in FM18, so perhaps it can grant you succes. I'd expect to see a lot of 0-0 games though. I'd also consider playing a b2b midfielder, as they tend to score shitloads of goals in my games, more than players in the AP role for some reason.
  2. I dont see that formation ever creating enough chances for a team aiming to be the word's best. I'd only play it away against other top teams.
  3. Had to pay around £90m for him, after one season. Players are insanely expensive in FM2018 (which is good), so if you can get one of the top of top talents at a price below 100m, it's worth considering imo.
  4. I secured Asensio to get a new star, he plays in the centre for me, but could do a great job on the flank as well.
  5. Regarding Alexis, I ended up keeping him, to ensure a good result in the first season. Money is borderline unlimited with the 300m warchest, and until you secure champions league, it's hard to attract players of equal skill level. I'm very fond of the young offensive guys you start with. I gave Nelson lots of game time in the first season, and he developed immensely, result is he secured the Golden Boy award in 2018.
  6. It certainly seemed very impossible in the beta. I think the team is a tad too strong in the game. Bellerin is probably among the top3 RBs in the game, Mustafi is probably a bit stronger than in real life. The midfielders are good and Welbeck is immense. A good tactician could possibly win the first season without any transfers.
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