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  1. me and my GF just split up a few months ago, currently going through legal proceedings to get custody of my FM save.
  2. Had similar problems with hooper and stokes. One match i had 80% possession against dundee utd 30+ shots few on target and lost in the last minute. I just started playing counter attacking football until my youth players came through. Buy goodwillie and sit back and counter. domination doesn't seem to pay off unless you're team is much much better. In my experiences anyway.
  3. Your favourite kind of FM save?

    i like my youth players too much to be a journeyman, favourite club and small teams.
  4. gives you the hidden stats for how good a player can get, Current ability and his potential ability then tells you how much the team would sell him for + a load of other stats. Instead of the guess work that a scout does you'll know everything straight away. Stick it into google, shouldn't be to hard to find mate.
  5. I probably pay more attention to technical attributes, I find mental attributes are easier to train up. So it'd be Heading, Jumping, Marking and Tackling for me.
  6. paid 2.1mill for this lad last year that's dear by my standards lol only just bought this guy but his progress so far is promising, 60k think i did alright to get him for that.
  7. scouting and a bit of my own looking through youth teams (especially romania for cheap ones) and international youth competitions. I've noticed ajax have been pumping out a few youngsters but it's not really consistent enough to only look there, 1 player every 3/4 years. If you are really struggling I'd get Genie scout or fmrte that's how i started.
  8. Developing youth players

    I tutor a player up to the age of 21 in my youth/reserve teams. If he's not broken into the 1st team by 21 i loan him out each season until the age of about 24 where if he's still not making it i sell him or release him.
  9. 3.6mill... seen some big money thrown around though, in the last 3 seasons (2016 atm )barca have signed pato - 79 pastore - 45 chielini - 55
  10. I play him as poacher, been a while but i don't think he's tall enough for target man. I sold him for 10mill in my 11.1 ptach not sure what he's like in the current one.
  11. Youth recruitment network

    I'd agree it's just that it was mentioned earlier in the thread. I'm beginning to think the youth coaches has an effect I've had dire youths for seasons straight and had 0 youth coaches, I'm going to sign a few now and see if the quality picks up in the next intake.
  12. The truth about FM

    lol'd, not sure i agree with all of it but still funny.
  13. if you use existing terms when negotiating the player signs then leaves straight away, by the looks of it even though the contract length displayed is a few years in the future it's actually zero.
  14. Scouting Good Youth System....

    RC Lens create a few in my games PSV too, Santos seems to be the best though.
  15. Youth recruitment network

    interesting stuff, playing as celtic in my 5th year and i've only had scottish players, none any good. my scouting knowledge is good enough and my coaches are mostly english and good. But have only 1 scout. I really hope FM can develop this part of the game.