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  1. After my 5th conversation with the board on my performance I was asked to get 11 points out of the next 5 games to save my job. Needless to say that didn't happen. Was expecting it, the results hadn't been great since before Xmas, despite trying different options. Didn't help that when I got the final ultimatum I had Monaco and OM in the games to be played. Who am I trying to kid, I could've had the teams around me and still not got it. The good news is that if they do get relegated, I have left them financially well off with and a chunk of the wage bill. Got a ton of offers for players during the January transfer window so I accepted what I could and cut down on the amount of players complaining of not getting game time due to the formation.
  2. I'll give a full update tomorrow but I just thought I'd post and let you know I am still working away on this. To the point I have just escaped my 3rd Board Interrogation..... and I am only in December..
  3. End of preseason report. Well I got through preseason and through the 3rd round qualifier..... somehow... Results: The 5-0 win looks quite impressive as do the stats. Then you look at their squad and they are all greyed out. The 2-0 win against Reus was mainly the reserves and U19's with Soderlund up front (in between Euro Game, thought I'd give the rest of them a break) We only had 4 shots, to their 14, so a complete reversal from the above game. Latest instructions: Going to change to cross early and see if that helps with goals.
  4. Been landed with the 4231 dm narrow. In all honesty, could've had worse. So the basic formation looks like this Looking at the squad, unfortunately I have a lot of AMRL\ST but lack AMC's. I have a couple of young AMC's that I will use during the pre-season games and see how they take to the formation, otherwise I'll need to try and bring one in and use the AMRL\ST's as best I can. Defence doesn't look to bad at the minute, I'll let pre-season dictate if I need to get cover. I have a few tweaks in mind and for my first game against the reserves I will try this out and see what changes I need to make. I have deliberately went for clear ball to flanks, to see if I can use this to pull the oppositions defence out of position and help create space. I'll update again at the end of preseason and we'll see how this differs to what I actually go with.
  5. Thanks a lot for that Jambo, will get on with this when I get back later.
  6. I am 48 and been playing since CM97. Over the last few years I have asked myself the same question and vowed each year will be the one I give it up. Same goes this year....... ........... OK then maybe next year, as guess what I did yesterday.......
  7. Unfortunately no club in Siberia ....yet... Still waiting for an offer for him right enough.
  8. I take over a club. I get asked by the media about player x and would I be letting him go due to the attention he is getting from other clubs. I say no, he is staying. Praise him. Offer a new contract as he only has a year left. He isn't interested in signing a new contract. So I transfer list him. I then get a message saying he wants a chat. I ask him what's wrong, he wants to know why he has been listed. I tell him because I'm in charge and he won't sign a contract and I'm looking after the clubs interest by selling him. He agrees I am in charge but he really wants to stay. I back down and agree. Remove him from the transfer list. 2 days later he hands in a transfer request. He feels he wants to move onto a bigger club. I will teach him........
  9. I knew I shouldn't have taken the Jim Gannon masterclass, looks like I might try being a car salesman
  10. Think I may need to retire and add a new manager right enough. Nearly 2 years since I was sacked, 3 interviews during that time and no new job yet.
  11. Loving 14 already, decided to ask my board for an upgrade of the training facilities. When they rejected it, I noticed the leak to press option. Then while reading through the options for the press, accidentally hit the worse possible answer. Called to a board meeting to discuss the criticism, decided to try you don't really want the upheaval approach instead of apologising. Board didn't like it, 30 days after joining the club, I was fired. Going to have to be really careful in future.
  12. Ross McCormack had a mystery virus while at Motherwell. Not exactly sure what caused it but the fans at the time couldn't decide if it was Lazyitis or Manageritis. Could have been the latter as he was cured about the same time the manager left. Not that I am trying to say the OP's man management skills are bad or anything. :o:o
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