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  1. you're right but it's definitely the size of a stone or maybe a small rock
  2. literally nobody prefers the AFL pal. you have a hole in your brain the size of an orange.
  3. he is their all time top goalscorer
  4. I've never seen a player (including messi) less interested in playing football than messi at this tournament so far
  5. how anyone can claim that's not a penalty is beyond me
  6. someone give me the korean girl's name please in return I give you this:
  7. well I just tried it with a french ligue 1 player and my head of youth development confirmed the transfer on my behalf so now I'm £10m down and I don't even have the player so what I figure is that this transfer window is broken in the game
  8. I'm managing psg, it's november and I'm trying to sign a ligue 1 player but I can't get him in the joker transfer window, it only says that the transfer will go through in january of next year. what's the deal with the joker transfer window? am I doing something wrong? why can't I sign the player now when it's clearly within the limits?
  9. damn, I thought I'd uncovered one of the greatest unknown mysteries of the universe
  10. I was talking to my friend about taking the barcelona job in my save and I screenshotted him their team and some of their younger regens when he noticed something odd. one of their players, luciano fontana, appears to be the exact same as a player he has in his save. I am in january 2023 and this is the player on my save: my friend is in 2025 and this is a regen from his save... I just want to know how random is this? how likely is this to happen?
  11. I used to have a way of doing it but not anymore [lost it]
  12. has anyone ever read that bodybuilding bro forum where these jocks have an argument about how many days of the week there are?
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