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  1. has anyone ever read that bodybuilding bro forum where these jocks have an argument about how many days of the week there are?
  2. this is why christopher daniels thinks you're an absolute curry man
  3. it's the same thing as any other welcome home party (like the icelandic one where all the players did the viking clap thing with 100,000 people) except it's on a bus. I don't get how that's odd or would seem strange.
  4. it's one of the most infuriating things when watching the sport, they're paid to talk about it and they haven't a clue about the rules. "yeah there was contact, but there was no intent" and stuff like that. not even a basic grasp on the rules of the game. I can't ever remember actually enjoying punditry when it's three former footballers who haven't a clue about the actual rules of the game.
  5. absolutely great work from ireland, can't believe we're going in at half time with a genuine chance of being in the next round. unreal.
  6. what did hendrick get booked for? the ref gave the freekick to him for kante's challenge. was he booked for kicking the ball away? that's incredibly harsh if so, the ball was in the air when the ref blew and I think he was kicking it away to keep france from getting possession
  7. he definitely made the most of the situation
  8. that's because they can't buy the referees off on the international stage
  9. I hope daryl murphy handles it into the net and we win 1-0. not because of the whole henry thing, but because he's absolutely useless with his feet and using his hand is the only way he could possibly do anything
  10. Come onnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. this referee is a ****ing ****. so bad.
  12. this game is there to be won for ireland, I really really really hope it'll happen
  13. they do it with the tournaments and the olympics because they have a much greater family feel to them that club football doesn't really have. they're a bigger spectacle and it's just another way of involving everyone in it. it's like how at wrestlemania they get guest bands and artists in to perform and stuff, it's just appealing to a demographic that's usually a little bit outside what the sport attracts. genuinely baffled that people are angry at it, it's such an inoffensive thing
  14. I can't believe anybody cares about this at all