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  1. has anyone ever moved from a bug club to a small club such as bottom half team in any league, and how did you enjoy it an how did it go ? because im thinking of it .
  2. When you click on a result it take about 10 seconds to view it . anyone know why ??? some help please !!
  3. I started unemployed and took over fulham as they got relegated so i have to revamp the hole team and create my team as all the big names got sold. So i was lookin at the league table and Bolton finished 9th first season i clicked on Imformation of bolton it said they wer RICH so i had a look to see who they have sighned this summer and they have signed Mesut Ozil, Andy johnson off me , Moussa Dembele, jorge fucile, timmy simons,Figaroua off wigan and ther media prediction is 5th!!!! they got took over by a tycoon as you can see . I WANT THE JOB ill be looking out for the sack of there manager lol ther chairman is luciano Gaucci ive seen him a few times in the game take over liverpool!
  4. What is it and how do you get onto it ?:S:S
  5. quality team based on world cup

    Enyeama Maicon.Pique.carvalho.f contrao messi.alonso.swiestiger.ozil forlan. fabiano
  6. Underrated players

    paddy vieira - beast kepping de jong out of the team
  7. haha you shouldnt play FM if u dont even no the offside rule haha u make me laff
  8. Have you had it before?

    why wat team are u and what year u having success ?
  9. Im going to do a team of my era which is about 2000 to 2010 present .. ( im 17 yrs old) i dont like to see people put players that they havent seen them play themselves n just go by people word. i support lfc BTW .. oliver kahn Daniel Alves. Puyol. Maldini. Ashley Cole Xavi. Gerrard. Zidane Messi(the best ever). T.Henry. Cristiano Ronaldo subs Pepe Reina John Terry jamie carragher in his day Patrick Vieria Figo Torres Fat Ronaldo
  10. Same here he is world class when he is playing but if im going to challenge for the league i need him playin at least 33 league games a season
  11. :confused: Im in january of second season with arsenal Kun Aguero has a min realese clause of 52 million ive just bidded 53 million upfront and they rejected any ideas why ??
  12. what is the most goals you have seen fabregas get in the league in 1 season , im currently arsenal and im wondering does he get goals for other because he has 1 in 5 for me ??
  13. Scoring Goalkeepers

    in my liverpool save in 10.2 he scored a free kick in his own half ( joe hart top striker lol )
  14. im west ham and carlton cole got 19 league goals first season and real madrid wanted him and unsettled him for all second season he is only on 12 now with 6 games left