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  1. The updates should be automatically, and I haven't received any update. I played since the beta.
  2. I don't really know what I am doing wrong, but when I press on the 'Downloads' button - nothing happens. I tried to quit the game and re-enter, but still nothing. My version is 14.1.1. Any solution to that problem?
  3. Could you guys upload one of your good tactics please? Somehow, everything I set - turns to be a failure.
  4. FM12 - 4831 Hours FM13 - 2217 FM14 - 88 Hours
  5. My only accomplish is having a 47 Hour playing time. Other than that, I pretty much fail with my tactics.
  6. Welcome back Dave. Happy to see you here. I will give your tactic a go and give my thoughts about it. Cheers.
  7. far away to complete this achievement and i have over 3,000 hours
  8. excellent Dave. gonna give it a try with my Real Madrid side on my 4th season.
  9. Do we know when the new release is gonna be out ? (hehe, 171 users in this topic atm)
  10. Any prediction when its gonna be out ?
  11. Hi. It seems I can not even install this program because it asks for .NET Framework. The thing is i already have it. I have re-installed it,restarted my pc and it still says i don't have .NET Framework and directs me to the website where i already downloaded and installed it. Any thoughts what i can do ?
  12. hi krunccrni, I was wondering how you set up your players in this formation please. It seems that Iniesta and Fabregas are out of this formation when i try and set up my own.
  13. Been hearing too much about Neymar transfer to Real Madrid. is it Confirmed and done ?
  14. Gonna play with Anzhi in Russia so i will live without the new rule
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