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  1. Thanks for the information mate,guess i've missed that one before.
  2. so I didn't understand something. Should I play the 3 Strikers as 3 AMC ? is that the tactic ? or do i miss something ?
  3. Playing as hull and winning over chelsea is a quite achievement for itself and you led 2-0,that was pretty awesome. In that new tactic is there any special OI/ingame instruction during the game that we will have to perform ?
  4. Great play with Hull,Mr.Hough. Can't wait to the get my hands on the new version.
  5. i think it's the CL skin btw,the tactic starts very good but somehow there is a leak on the defense that gives the opponent scoring from corners,maybe it's only with me ?
  6. Wow Mr.Hough,are you going to make even a better tactic than you already released ? (I mean the latest one) Is that possible ? hehe you are a god man
  7. Artze - you should try the player on each of the 3 positions to see where they play the most. When i plaeyd with R.Madrid,higuain was in the middle and ronaldo on the right but it can be changed since they don't play consistence on these positions so you better try all of the 3 striker positions.
  8. hehe no need something better with it Mr.H,this is the best 4-3-3 ever !!
  9. Brilliant tactic Mr.Hough. Since my very first game that i tested the game against Roma and lost 3-0,I'm currently over 30 games unbeaten in the league and just now lost the Agg. in the Quarter CL against R. Madrid. some numbers in the league: Played:33 games Won: 27 Draw: 5 Lost: 1 Scored: 95 Ag: 17 G.D: +78 Goalscorers: Amauri - 32 Iaquinta - 30 Lukaku - 18 Del Piero - 13 Just so you guys see the difference between the old tactic of Mr.H and the new one: In the classic tactic,i took the championship with Juve when I score 98 goals in the league and Ag 44 ATM in the new tacti
  10. Mr.Hough i think the tactic is brilliant. I'm going to try the OI you have suggested and see how it's going.
  11. Just will update how is it going with Juventus after losing at home 3-0. First game was in CL against Olympiakos away: http://i42.tinypic.com/156vdqg.jpg A week later played played a very tough game against Genoa: http://i44.tinypic.com/jv6mwk.jpg A few days later,played the game season against Inter at Home: http://i44.tinypic.com/ruz0jt.jpg And the last game I've tested the tactic is an away game against Chievo: http://i39.tinypic.com/rc1qbq.jpg Well after testing couple of game I have to say: In generally,despite the lose against Roma the tactic is good.the problem of it that it i
  12. Clichy and Sagna are excllent full backs and i think you should give a try. If you have some fears about losing the game so you better try the tactic on other save game just to be sure about the fullbacks.
  13. Omg i've lost 3-0 at home game against Roma. http://i41.tinypic.com/2vb2a6t.jpg
  14. Very Nice mate. Just played my first game with the tactc - away game against Lecce and won 4-0. But I dont think Lecce is a good team so I will keep update
  15. Thank God !! You are the best Mr.H !! I will give it a try right away and I will give you a feedback ofcourse !!
  16. We know you do Mr.H but we can't wait. I'm refreshing the page every couple of min to see any good news
  17. Excellent Job Mr.H...Well Done. Can't wait for your release. Going to play with it Immediately
  18. i'm entering this thread couple dozen times jsut to see if Mr.H updates the new tactic
  19. He said he is testing the tactic on the final stages,if he succeed with it so he will release it. dont push him guys,give him the couple of days.
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