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  1. Sounds great Fenech. It's indeed all about history and that is what only matters only. I am glad to see that there are no sugar daddies in the game and it wont be about domination from a single team. Can't wait to give it a shot.
  2. Man Utd is a beast. From all the clubs in the world, which one is the richest one? (I guess the competition is between Man utd and Real Madrid?)
  3. Oh man, I was so happy to see it has been moved to the download section, i thought that Fenech's project has been released. I hoped for nothing
  4. Fenech, I have an idea for you - You should contact PayPal and make a way to donate for you. I am sure I am not the only one who appreciates and admires your work.
  5. Brilliant work Fenech. Glad to see the Brazilian legends here. Now I am thinking about the Brazil national team... I am scared
  6. Cheers mate! I support every decision you make. Especially when it's reasonable
  7. Fenech, good job as always mate. One small question (First, I have to say I am not a river plate fan and nor have the knowledge or whatsoever regarding the club information) 1. Why Reinaldo Merlo (526 apps for the club), although he wasn't part of the 40's team, but started in the late 60's, is excluded from River? 2. Why Juan José López (426 apps and 75 goals for the club) although he wasn't part of the 40's team, but started in the early 70's, is excluded from River? and players such as Oscar Mas (2nd top goalscorer for the club), Bernabé Ferreyra (3rd top goalscorer in the club with out
  8. Fenech we are eager to see the DB out! give us an ETA You have mentioned Roberto Carlos and I had to jump
  9. I haven't been here since the 1st of August. I thought the update should be out by now. Fenech - Is it out and I missed it or it isnt out yet?
  10. About Ronaldinho - I think his best career moments are one year after the PSG saga when he moved to Barcelona. In Barcelona he was unstoppable and even with greater attributes.
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