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  1. You are bothered that somehow else is succeeding ?
  2. It was a misunderstanding lol after that game he won everything
  3. Looks very nice Dave.Can't wait to play with it.
  4. Great news Dave and JP,hope to see the best from you as I know you will.
  5. Looks awesome JP.Can you give your prediction to the date release ? btw,is that the same tactic or it's the winger one ?
  6. Dave,don't take it as a pressure when we ask for the tactics.Of course we want to play it becuase people enjoy from your tactics,as far as it works for me, I'm sure there are many others.My advise is just not even saying you are working on a new tactic because people will be expecting the tactic to be released ASAP,so feel free to post the tactic when you are satisfied with it BTW JP,is there any other tweak you did to your tactic(JP and Mr.Hough one)that i should implement it to mine aswell ?
  7. Go back where you came from mate,shame you say it to JP.
  8. We can't wait for the new tactic to be released Mr.Hough. Make us proud
  9. Is that just me that missing the JP Woody Final version tactic ? Can't find it.
  10. Kranjcar and Modric from Tottenham do the job for me.
  11. night4mare,and what results did you get ? if it's good could you upload it ?
  12. Mr Hough,there will be an another tactic ? maybe with wingers ? or it was the final ?
  13. hey Mr.Hough,do you think there is more room to make the latest tactic better ? or you are satisfied with it and there will be no more update to it ?
  14. You can play the wingers as the side ST and the attacking midfielders play as MC.
  15. Been searching this filter down but couldn't find it. may I have the download link please ?
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