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  1. Gaston Fernandez is a free player that has a high quality of scoring. The version "Mr Hough and JP Woody Final" has no problem dave,the problem is on the latest tactic I guess.
  2. For a sec i thought it's a pub.keep the topic guys.
  3. Will be glad to hear how it's going with the new tweaks Mr.Hough.
  4. The AMC position is good.Probably the AMC will be the goal scorer of your team.Beyond the AMC,nothing works.
  5. No way we are complaining Dave.You and JP did a great job and all we do is trying the tactic that has been created and hopefully to have a dominating tactic like the older version. Doesn't matter what Dave,you and JP are awesome!
  6. Finished a season with the new tactic as I am playing with Arsenal: Played:38 Won:19 Draw:13 Lose:6 5th place in the league. Knocked out in the 1st round of CL. knocked out on the 6th round of FA Cup. Won League Cup. I guess I will go back to the old tactic
  7. Have no idea mate.Just trying to read the comments here to see maybe if someone have a better run than me and I could use his tweaks. I think I will just continue using the latest version of Mr.Hough&Jp's tactic since this one isn't good to me.
  8. I don't think the corner cheat routine is implement in the tactic. Maybe it's just not working for everybody else.
  9. hehe I don't know mate.I'm not complaining JP,don't take me wrong.All I'm trying to say is the tactic doesnt work for me as it works for Dave.
  10. I'm running right now a new season with Arsenal and there is no domination in any aspect of the game. Looks like the AI reads the tactic,score goals on fluke and somehow draw the game with me or I may even lose. I think there should be some tweaking on the midfield since we don't feel them.The AMC is doing a great job and sometimes even the ST.
  11. lol just thought maybe you finished with it and i've missed it. never mind mate,i still didn't have the chance to enjoy from your tactic so i guess i will do it
  12. Dave,wasn't there a winger tactic as well ? how it's going on with it ?
  13. Been waiting for it very long and going to test it immediatley. Thank you so much Dave and JP. You are awesome,guys !!!
  14. And I thought finishing a season should be faster
  15. it's just a small list mate.There are much more.
  16. Everton is a well good team but 42 games unbeaten is pretty nice
  17. omg,42 games unbeaten thats amazing mate. can't wait for it.
  18. OMG dave this tactic is brilliant.even if you lose after such a decent run of unbeaten games it's still awesome tactic. I say release it anyway !!
  19. It seems the tactic is perftct isn't it ? may release it !!
  20. A DM is very important as long as you put him the right instructions.
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