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  1. Fenech, you forgot the mention about Ronney's clause And great job! Will be glad to see Juninho in the game (I hope he can score 40-50 yard free-kicks in the game with a rocket speed ) btw, small update - Juninho should be in Lyon in my opinion where he won the league championship 7-8 years in a row
  2. lol I had that dilemma too. But I chose Cristiano because he is in my first eleven, and beckham is a youngster.
  3. A few general notes in my opinion: 1. Rooney has the highest pay clause which keeps him to be the highest pay in the club - this one should be removed 2. Juninho Pernambucano must be added - one of the greatest free-kick takers the world has ever seen
  4. All i can say is Wow. Fenech well done for this job. just amazing. I started with Man Utd and I can tell you that it's just a joy to way. Beated Wigan 8-2 in the community shield.
  5. Already downloaded the Facepack! I am feeling the entire earth on the palm of my hands! Muhaha
  6. Considering the fact I am going to play with Real Madrid and my first purchase will be Henry, these all clubless kids aren't welcome in the club for the next 5-6 years
  7. I stopped playing the current FM a few months back because I got tired. This database will sure bring me in for a while until the next game will be out.
  8. Awesome news Fenech. Thank you for your entire work and commitment you gave to the community.
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