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  1. as soon as you get out of the driveway, the beta is out
  2. You could always send him a PM. Just search him on here.
  3. I hope FM17 will be on x64 machine as a lot of players will be able to play on a stronger machines and run the game better. Have to say that after after 8-9 seasons, the game is a bit slowly and it is annoying.
  4. Just out of curiosity - what's wrong with the injury system? Not only the amount of injuries is insane, even the length of the injury is far too high.
  5. looks like the code doesn't work anymore.
  6. Is the update will be soon? Would like to create a fresh start with the newest update.
  7. I think send your ID is too much. I'd rather just pay with PayPal and thats it.
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