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  1. Hope you will get the maximum of it mate,keep up the good work
  2. Sounds great Dirtyace,I hope Dave would be able to implement it into his winger tactic. Dave,any date prediction for the new tactic ?
  3. I think 2 DM's will be awesome since AI uses it a lot and i think with the right and good configuration,it will be unbeatable. Maybe it would be good to have 2 DM,2 Wingers,AMC and 1 ST ?
  4. Can a tactic be a beta ? never thought it could be. anyway mate,just let us play with it until you look at the defense at your work
  5. Looks brilliant Dave.Isn't 41 conceded goals are a lot ? (just wondering )
  6. Doesn't matter how is going to be released,we want it to be released already
  7. can't wait for the new tactic to be released mate
  8. Sounds great mr.hough,thanks for the update. sounds that the attack is really something and lethal when you play with strong sides. can you predict a release time ? dying to play that tactic already
  9. thanks dave and dirty ace,looks nice.will be giving you some feedback on it. btw,how's the new tactic is going ? the winger one
  10. dave,is there any prediction for the upcoming release ?
  11. It looks beautiful mate.Now stop teasing us and release it
  12. Classic is the best.Looking forward to the new tactic mate.
  13. wow am i missing something ? Dave,are you releasing a winger tactic ?
  14. Are you planning on the winger tactic Dave ? (just some small question,still enjoying and will be enjoying for a quite long time from the current tactic )
  15. wow.maybe it's just a bug or something.It shouldn't happen.
  16. Finished my 1st season with this tactic and I can say it's realy working well. I'm playing as Milan and won the league and champions league. in the italian cup i lost in penalties on finals. The league has been taken on 27 pts margin from the 2nd place with 105 Goals scored and 12 Against. As always,great job Dave!!
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