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  1. I guess i didn something wrong but correct me:

    I downloaded the tactc

    changed the corner taking to Near Post

    changed the LS's corner to "attack near post" while my DCR has the same instruction.

    I still dont manage to score in corners and the entire games looks so massy,i mean the team can't connect a few passes without losing the ball.

    playing with milan btw

  2. Update.

    Regarding my new Wizard tactic progress is going very slow indeed, After Initially battering teams constatly getting clean sheets and scored over 2/3 goals a game as Tottenham, Things have gone extreamly bad, Not sure how it's happened but the opposition just seem to find space constantly having more shots and i rarely create anything worth getting excited about.

    I'm not sure why it has done this but i assure you i am working on this to try and make it as it was when i first thought of it.

    That's some abd news but i'm sure you will crack the AI once again ;)

  3. Ernest, I'm playing with Madrid and I've won 16 and drawn 1 of my 17 games so far this season with this tactic (that includes spanish cup, la liga, and CL im in november atm)

    3.6 goals per match, 0.4 goals conceded per match

    definitely helped once my team gelled together

    and those stat's are using a very strict rotation selection policy (i have two completely different starting 11's for my la liga to my spanish cup/champions league group stage)

    I know mate,that's the same I do with my Madris squad.And to add to the disappointment,my madrid squad includes the latest transfers like Ozil,khadira,carvalho and etc :(

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