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  1. I have never seen a B team get promoted from below the lowest playable league. Not only that, when working on a Faroese structure (which has B teams present, as in Spain), the six B teams in the bottom division simply never get promoted if the league is inactive, despite their respective first teams being several divisions up and not presenting any possibility of a clash. Activate the league, and lo, B teams start getting promoted Now, it's certainly possible that this is a limitation that only applies, for some reason, to created league structures. But I wouldn't go holding my breath.
  2. I think the game would benefit from being able to select your place of birth through a search of all in-game cities, rather than a drop down linked to your first nationality. In addition to the issue Havok has had, your place of birth doesn't always correlate with the nationality you identify with. A lot of people born in Northern Ireland, for example, would consider themselves Irish. Then you've got things like people who were born abroad, but raised from a very early age in the country they consider their home. If John Barnes fancied a game, he'd have to be Jamaican instead of English... Picking your home town is a lovely touch and doubly so if it results in the game recognising when you get involved with your local side, so a few small tweaks would be great.
  3. Formerly a part of the Netherlands Antilles before it split into its constitutent countries of Aruba (who already had a separate team), Curaçao (who inherit the Antilles football history) and Bonaire. They're associate members of CONCACAF, so will compete in the Caribbean Cup. Tsk, don't you follow Dutch territory representative football? I thought everyone did!
  4. Cross save compatibility gets disabled when you go above three countries because the Vita simply doesn't have the memory capabilities to run it with more. There's a hard limit there that SI just can't get around.
  5. Aye, if I wasn't going Classic on the Vita, I'd be up for a club and country game. As it is... well, it might be tough going.
  6. I'm in a similar boat - I didn't buy a Vita just for FMC (that'd be madness, I say, madness) but its presence did kind of accelerate the process. As did Tesco's rather nice £129 deal. With a PS+ subscription on top, makes sense to grab a Vita early and avail of the freebies.
  7. This is the best news. I realise I sound sarcastic but I'm not, there's something oddly joyful about it. Now all we need is enough Gibraltarians in the game to get control over the side, and we're sorted.
  8. I think it's hard to discount the experience of having been trained for a particular position, or more accurately these days, a role. It's all very well and good having the attributes for a particular role, but if you haven't had training in order to play there, you're going to flounder. Your positional sense will be off, you'll not have the same intuitive understanding of what your role requires, you'll be working much, much harder just to fit into the team as a unit. In that sense, I think fixed positions do a good job of reflecting that, and the option to retrain a player for a position fulfills the requirement of being able to give the player that necessary training and familiarity with the role.
  9. You can try setting your power options to a low power setting, although this means reducing the processing speed so you may understandably be reluctant. Other than that, your options are to either (or both) open up the thing and clean away any accumulated dust and other nonsense that's making it harder to move cool area around, or invest in a good laptop cooler from Amazon. Both my previous laptops had issues with overheating, and FM's a prime culprit given that it does an enormous amount of processing, working the CPUs hard. Laptop coolers solved both issues, but you do need a good one - not a cheap plastic tat with a pathetic fan.
  10. Editing the OFC Nations Cup brings about various problems, as it's also a qualifier for the World Cup and this won't be maintained in-game. As a result, you'd need to restructure the entire World Cup qualification in order to do it. Not worth the bother, really.
  11. Let's see.... If I'm being optimistic, I'd like all the European and South American leagues in. The two biggest continents on footballing terms would be great if fully represented. Idealism aside, however, I'd swing for the following: A number of lesser leagues including Cyprus, Malta and the Faroe Islands, to provide a fun counterpoint to the major leagues. English expansion down a further two levels. One would be good, but two would be excellent and the two new levels together would introduce some fun concepts to play with, particularly with the general lack of contracted players and need for local talent. Africa's biggest and best leagues. Having only one African nation in the game makes it less interesting as a proposition. Expanding it to include Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Tunisia etc is an important step. Asia's quite good at the moment in the Far East and South East regions, but the middle east is virtually unrepresented. If we're to look at the top 14 nations according to the AFC, the East region in FM has Australia, China, Indonesia and South Korea (four of the seven, with Japan only absent due to licensing and one I'd love to see return) whilst the Central & West section ha only one - Saudi Arabia. Iran and Qatar would be good additions. North America needs to see more depth in the US, even though it's not a true pyramid as most leagues have. The USL - both divisions - would be a lovely step and a nice place for anyone trying a US career to start, with the goal of landing an MLS job rather than getting one off the bat. A few other leagues would be good to keep the competitive level of the continental competitions up - Costa Rica is a given, with Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti and Jamaica good shouts. That leaves us with Oceania. The New Zealand league would bring a bit of life to the now-dead confederation. Perhaps Fiji and Vanuatu would be next to consider. Of course, all this is entirely subject to research, which is the main stumbling block when it comes to adding new leagues.
  12. Something I'd like to see is an option to zoom in the action to a certain extent. I'm not talking about getting down and dirty to see big circles nudging a ball around. I'm talking about giving a clearer picture on 1024x768 monitors. When I play on my PC, with its higher resolution, I can see everything much clearer than I can on this laptop - the pitch expands to fill the the larger area but the players remain small, which leads to fewer situations where you can barely tell what's happening thanks to multiple players in the same area (the penalty area is hugely affected by this, and crosses become a visual lottery). If I could tick a box to show less of the pitch, then yes I lose the ability to get an overall perspective but I will gain the ability, on this smaller screen, to see things much cleaer where they count.
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