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  1. Hi there Zero Sea Just wanted to say thanks for the tactic. I used it by default until the team got used to it with good results however I have made a few tweaks to instructions which work well for me and which you might be interested in trying I didn't touch Mentality, Passing, Closing Down or CF but I did tinker with the actually instructions. Tackling - Normal for DC's and GK. Run From Deep - Rarely for GK, DMC and MC. Often for Target Man FC. Run With Ball - Mixed for Fullbacks and Rarely for DMC, MC. Try Through Balls - Rarely for DC's and Playmaker FC. Mixed for DMC and AML/R. Cross Ball - Mixed for Fullbacks, MC, AML/R and Often for Playmaker FC. Cross From - Mixed for FC's Cross Aim - Dc's, GK, DMC and Playmaker FC all aim for Targetman FC. Fullbacks, MC and Targetman FC all set to mixed. Wingplay - Normal for Fullbacks, DMC and MC. Free Role - Only AML/R and FC's have free role Hold Up Ball - Only DMC and FC's have Hold Up Ball.
  2. Well tell me first how you want your formation? Are you leaning towards Navas at AMR? I would. Basically because his work rate sucks and that way you can leave him to attack and let the rest of the team defend. Mentality wise I would be tempted to have Navas on the highest mentality but mixed forward runs to get him on the ball a lot and let him dribble. Keep Kanoute central with lower mentality so he can get ahold of the ball and have Fabiano left of centre to get him on his strongest foot cutting in. You should see some good attacking football this way. I'm playing assymetrical with Villarreal at the moment with Nilmar and Rossi upfront, Cazorla at MR and Ibagaza at AMC as a sort of "shadow striker" and he rarely get picks up from midfield. It's beautiful
  3. Ok how about going a little more assymetrical? Don't be scared to do it. Most formations these days aren't as clear cut as they used to be. If I was you I would ditch Negredo and go with Fabiano and Kanoute up front and have Navas as AMR and Adriano as ML, keep Martinez as MC and then have Fazio as DMC. That way you have a nice balance between attack and defence and also get Navas high up the field to assist the two strikers. Adriano will help protect the left flank and Fazio will be in a more comfortable role. This is just what I would do and although 4-4-2 lends itself to a more stable defence I feel you'll lack in attack and really Navas should be given more license to attack and not defend so much. If you insist in playing Hazard I'd let him play as an AMC as he'll do more damage there but then you might have to have Navas at MR instead.
  4. Is it possible to look at your ins and outs ? It would help to know how you squad looks like so we could possibly get a better idea of what formation to put. A flat 4-4-2 almost looks a bti wasted on that starting XI I would say.
  5. Sorry, should of said I was ticking each individual setting was just purely cosmetic to make it look "clearer" in a way. Maybe I was unsucessfull Maybe I just need to have through balls on mixed? If his passing is set higher then he'll constantly go more direct but if I have TTB on mixed he might occausionally look for a "counter ball" if it's on. Something to test anyway Thanks for your input
  6. So first position up for debate is Valdes. As you see I have him up for Sweeper Keeper on Support duty. Now the reason I have for this is I think playing with a high line he does come off to sweep in behind the backline. However I think he plays more cautious then a regular keeper when it comes to counter attacking balls and most of the time just distributes to the central defenders. However this is experimental because if he gets too involved in play in FM he might have to have a lower mentality (lower then the backline) so he isn't constantly an outlet. I think however the CF is spot on with a dead centre freedom meaning he'll play his normal game not being too elaborate or too restricted. Closing down is also experimental depending on how his mentality effects him and is it enough for him if the ball goes behind the defence? RFD and RWB mixed are set because he is comfortable with the ball at his feet and doesn't mind coming out of his box a bit and then lay off to the central defender(s). What do you guys think?
  7. The problem with Fluid philosophy is that it only divides the ten outfield players into two seperate bands of mentalities so I think it needs to be a bit more detailed then that in order to get the right balance in the team. I'm not talking a rigid system but just more defined in order to get it more correct.
  8. 4-4-2 is good base to start if you feel you don't know what formation to play however it requires more tweaking match to match. I prefer wackier formations that get the most out of my players. With Wigan I played a 4-1-2-1-2 formation but not the traditional one. I played Moreno central up front with Rodallega in the left FC slot and N'Zogbia on the right so he comes on his stronger foot (I was happy when he scored the 3-2 goal against Arsenal as he'd done that loads of times for my Wigan side ). With Liverpool I ended up with a 4-1-2-2-1 but with Gerrard at AMCR, Torres central and Benayoun at AML cutting again on his stronger side. Kuyt was playing also at MR but in a support role.
  9. Barca's downfall yesterday was, IMO, down to Guardiola picking Ibra to play. I bet Mourinho was smiling inside when he saw that because he knew Samuel and Lucio would contain him. Why Guardiola didnt' start with Messi up front as he did against Arsenal and Madrid is a mystery.
  10. Agreed that Messi and Pedro when playing on the flanks play as Inside Forwards with "Move Into Channels". Alternatively Pedro as Cut inside and Messi with Move Into Channels would also not be far off. I think in FM it would be best to keep Ibra on the same mentality as the Inside Forwards to create total fluidity. I was touching on that in the opening post but I still would rule it to be a 4-3-3 but the three up front positioned diffrently. One on the flank and two in the centre but the other "winger" is positioned between MCL and ML still making it three in midfield.
  11. Team Instructions: What I'm about to post is just my opinion of what suits Barcelona best in terms of their team instructions. If we start with Philosophy and Starting Strategy I think this is what discribes Barcelona best - Philosophy is a tough cookie with Barcelona. It's somewhere between Balanced and Fluid but mostly I think the fluidity is more up front and that is something that can be adjusted with the individual player mentality. However starting strategy I think is perfect. Standard is too defensive and Attacking is too risky for their play. In terms of playing style I think that Barcelona play shorter then default and press more to win the ball and pressurize the opponents high up the pitch. When it comes to creative freedom I would say some a limited some are default and some are more expressive. Again it is something to alter with the player instructions later. Marking is Zonal as I don't believe they don't pick up man for man and roaming is set to "More Roaming" as I believe the whole front five roam to make space. Tackling and Crossing is set to default as they don't have any perticular preference. As for Playmakers and Specific Instructions I have gone for this. Xavi as playmaker so he remains the "link". I've gone for a high d-line, wide width, slow tempo and high time-wasting. Only thing I'm a little unsure of is the timewasting but theoretically it should go hand in hand with tempo? Whereas quick would be low time-wasting? Something to discuss I guess.
  12. I thought it would be a good idea to keep all discussions about Barcelona and their playing style in one thread. Reason why I posted last years team is because the team that did the treble last season is one of the best teams of modern times. Fair enough at the point of writing they were just stuffed by Inter 3-1 at the San Siro but I think it was more down to te fact that Pep shouldn't of played Ibra in that game. But enough about that. Tactically, Barcelona generally stuck to a 4-3-3 shape throughout the season playing with a high defence line and pressing starting from the front. However sometimes the formation would alter when Eto'o played down the rigth flank and Messi played as false nine (basically just swapping positions and Messi playing deeper) which ultimately became united's undoing in the Champions League final. When they did play the formation in the picture Messi was given freedom to come off the flank whilst Henry stayed wide and cut inside. In midfield Iniesta played further forward, Xavi was the "link" and Toure sat deep in front of the defence. In defence the centrebacks would spread wide, especially when Valdes had the ball and Toure would come deep to make it a temporary three back line to allow Abidal and Alves to move forward. Of course it is a difficult style to implement in FM but I thought with a nice group discussion we could come up with an FM replica if you like. Obviously Eto'o has been replaced by Ibrahimovic up front for the season and a plan B has been introduced where Messi moves further in to create something a little different but I believe the core (Defence and midfield) stays pretty much the same all season. It's just up front it may look a little more different from time to time.
  13. It's funny how many people are talking about Rigid and Fluid. Has noone tried Balanced? Seeing as I play 4-1-2-2-1 for me it's important that the front three are very fluid at all times so they can swap positions and cause havoc in attack. It's perfect also to set up a DLP and AP because it places the DLP's mentality just infront of the defence rather then having the DMC's mentality higher. It's balanced for me !
  14. tbh I've just about finished the friendlies (Easter engagements have been in the way). Hopefully I can play the first couple of fixtures tonight