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  1. Summer Play

    I normally continue, but play less due to going out more and what not. I've lost interest since the Champions League final this year, only played 2 or 3 hours since. Not sure why, but oh well.
  2. The Football Manager Awards

  3. @AcidBurn - Hahahahaha, thats awesome. Has to be a Suit.
  4. STEAM challenges

    Rangers, no question
  5. STEAM challenges

    So far i've done 56/84 with the last being 'International Superstar'. It doesn't really encourage me to do anything differently but it's just an added little bonus and kinda like a 'well done'. I'm aiming for 'English Hero' at the moment on my Eastleigh save, So far am on the 4th year, sat 18th in League 2.
  6. Darren BENT

    And why are they? Explain in more detail.
  7. Assistant Manager

    I suppose. Was just an idea that crossed my mind anywho.
  8. Assistant Manager

    Surely it may add realism though? How many can just walk straight into even a lowest league job?
  9. How often do you see managers that have started out as someone's assistant? Quite often is the answer. Do you think there could be a starting option to start as an assistant manager? You can recommend players, tactics, and take control of the youth and reserves to prove your worth. It could make those that do long-term saves a lot more challenging. Any thoughts? Apologies if it's been mentioned before.
  10. Falls mainly on the plane? No? ok then... ^^ Same as Stampler... But stay with Atletico, being Barca will be too easy and you probably wont enjoy it. Stay, crack the top 2 and enjoy the challenge.
  11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a Cover and Stopper, rather then just the default settings for your Centre-backs. I've tried using them occasionally but always revert back the the originals. I often see people on here that concede less than 10 goals a season, with my least being about 14/15. Would this be why? Because I'm not giving them a specific role? Is it sometimes better to use the default settings for certain formations or do you use it no matter what formation you are using? Obviously i know it comes down to the attributes of the centre-backs. But if they have good attributes for one as Stopper and one as Cover would that be the better option to go for? Cheers.
  12. You make 3 subs at half time.
  13. your personal rules

    First Rule: Never, under any circumstances, apply, or declare interest, or start as... Southampton. Second: Don't buy players over 25. Third: Look for english players first. Fourth: Aim to not spend too much on transfers. Fifth: Don't know how the cheat corner works, so, don't use that!! Sixth: Enjoy it.
  14. Why I Love FM11

    Ah ok, no worries.