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  1. 5th and 3rd but my first season being promoted i finished 8th with my own tactic but then i noticed this tactic and thought id try this. im tempted to try and win it with my counter tactic as i miss having wingers because i do really like a traditional looking tactic but its getting it to work all the time
  2. Won the league after 3 seasons with my middlesbrough team and the league cup, but after finally knocking manchester united off the top of the league i got to play them in fa cup final and champions league final and guess what, I lost both and then just started a new season and lost to them in the community shield. They were too good in fm17 and still too good again
  3. i accept what your saying and i did write a long reply haha but it would be going off topic to much, the games not fun for me anymore and i respect peoples own opinions aswell. mr hough will always be a legend.
  4. well ever since the new patch nothing has really worked and its not long till i just quit fm for good because as things stand i wont be buying the next fm its to much for me its not enjoyable anymore, mr hough has assisted me in the past with his tactics making this game fun but now i feel that we have to change things all the time and it takes to long and u could do all these changes and they would all be for nothing aswell, people have opinions and mine is this is getting to realistic its taking the fun out of it. its game after all and the fact the ME still does pathetic stupid things that in real life people dont do. thanks mr hough for the tactics in the past UTB.
  5. middlesbrough but in the year 2020 so ive built a champions league team but yeah they do still have a better team than me in the sense they have top players in every position but i never get a shot against them and if it do its very little lol last game i played them they had 19 shots and 13 on target and 9 clear cut chances and 3 half chances haha and i had 1 shot
  6. when i come up against arsenal in my game they play the same formation and its ridiculous how much they smash me everytime
  7. new version of the tactic seems really good but im refusing to play FM till the ME is fixed, its bull-crap.... update you on how it is when the new patch is out. sick of buying this game with its bugs in every year and having to wait till after january to play the game properly and sometimes thats never the case.
  8. my hat goes off to you ive been trying for 2 seasons and a half to get my tactic to play like this(without the corner thing) , my mentality towards this game must be wrong lol well done anyways great tactic -Chrissys way tactic btw
  9. not to **** on your bomb fire but your man u... its not hard when your a world class team to make any formation with the tc... what people are looking for is a tactic that works for everyone no matter who ur managing yes the TC is good but its not what everyone wants. i cba changing my tactic all the time or w/e and im not gunna argue with anyone about this because we all have our own opinions but ffs your Manchester united ! it really isnt hard. back the the OP now
  10. by far the best tactic ive used for fm 13 ! its ridiculous for top class teams and its a tactic you can build a team around, won the prem, champions league and fa cup with my middlesbrough team in one season. buy the right players and it will work.. make sure everything is fluid to see the full benefits from the tactic i cant stress enough how much FULL FLUID help and ive noticed putting match prep on tactics only helped aswell. fm13 is fun now
  11. probably been up before but i found it funny hehe Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. really like this tactic just need the defensive side of it tweaking better ! finished my second season with this tactic i finished 2nd to MAN U... my tweaks to the tactic are pretty little but they help imo but the main one is fullbacks bombing forward it just helps u alot i think in stopping u getting so much pressure against good and top teams
  13. Ok so i finished my full season and i finished 4th.. its better than 6th and 7th lol anyways here are the results Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us as you can see i mainly get raped by TOP CLASS teams.. Manchester United are rediculous on this they have won the league every season apart from once and they score over 100 goals and concede less than 30 lol
  14. after 15 Prem games these are my results with a team that finished 6th and 7th for the past 4 seasons.. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Cup Results Uploaded with ImageShack.us I shall update again at the end of the season.. done a few tweaks that seem to have improved it for me
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