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  1. There's a joke here somewhere about injuries and Arsenal I'm sure. with FM17, if I've got 1 game a week i use Average intensity, 0 games I go to high, More than 1 game i go to low/very low. Wouldn't want to risk injuries, ya feel me? So far as Man Utd I've had 1 long term injury from preseason and only 1 other injury for 2 weeks heading into christmas
  2. Also worth noting guys that Coaches and managers do have CA/PA and will get better over time. in 20 years the Gerrard above might become a monster due to his current staff attributes being good already
  3. Has anyone decided to keep him at Chelsea? He's banged in 17 goals in 22 league games games for me alongside a high workrate/high stamina defensive forward That kind of forms tempting!
  4. so far with wolves in league 1. 13 games in the league, 13 wins (some 4-3 wins a couple of times, everything else was a clear 2-4 goal margin of victory) I also knocked out Liverpool and Derby both Away in the cup, got man city next round so not expecting another miracle!
  5. After a long break after winning the Skrill S with Tonbridge, just started my season in the Skrill Premier, won my first game away from home 6-0 using Silk and Steel. Early days but the squad is very strong
  6. Yep but now clubs are sniffing round him, he might not stay but I hope he gives it a full season
  7. https://imageshack.com/i/0ww7uej there he is, couldn't work out how to embed the image etc did it work?
  8. ive signed one before from ebbsfleet 10 seasons in who became rooney in all but name. my guys screenshot incoming, just playing his third match for me, think he's on his 6th goal for the club and just went off injured
  9. I just had a regen come through at Tonbridge that is "decent championship" and "leading prem player" potential. He might be my eternal saviour, good at both roles in most divisions. please save me FM regen god.
  10. Going to try a pep-talk entering march see what I can do. I can still go 2 points top if i win my 2 games in hand, at this stage its more about holding on!
  11. Suarez is my CF, Pinney F9, signed a good F9 and CF backup, having a 'blip' in scoring but still grinding out the 1-0 and 0-0 while form picks back up, so can't complain! picked up an entire new midfield too to compliment appiah so i should at least get playoffs here
  12. Decided to join in and try a Tonbridge Angels dynasty. Starting december I'm top of the league by 4 points, also have two games in hand. Made it to the 1st round of the FA Cup too but got well and truly demolished by Tranmere
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