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  1. Loving this skin but struggling to see everything on tactics screen, ive noticed on flut skin that the tactis screen has a smaller font and fits a lot more information on the panel, does anyone know hoe this can be added to heffem skin? i.e. what code needs to go in what panel. thanks in advance
  2. hi, i have recently started using this skin but there are no kits anywhere in game, 2d or 3d. i see them in the preview pics, how can i add them in to game.
  3. has anyone achieved this? cant figure out from that post how this can be achieved
  4. is there an easy way to insert an overlay in to the FMTBase skins? I have stadium background pics and it is making it impossible to view the sqaud screen without an overlay.
  5. Never played/bought touch before but been playing the full game for 30+ years, was thinking of making the switch this year as I have a premium Samsung Tablet. I know there's a lot of upset/angry posts but is there actually any eta on the next update on android. Don't wanna purchase this version if they are never going to fix the bugs but don't wanna purchase full game for them to fix the bugs next week!
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