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  1. has anyone achieved this? cant figure out from that post how this can be achieved
  2. is there an easy way to insert an overlay in to the FMTBase skins? I have stadium background pics and it is making it impossible to view the sqaud screen without an overlay.
  3. Never played/bought touch before but been playing the full game for 30+ years, was thinking of making the switch this year as I have a premium Samsung Tablet. I know there's a lot of upset/angry posts but is there actually any eta on the next update on android. Don't wanna purchase this version if they are never going to fix the bugs but don't wanna purchase full game for them to fix the bugs next week!
  4. cheers for the fast response mate you're a legend, all sorted now
  5. I need some help please, I have recently discovered some ability stars that I made years ago for fm 13, I have attempted to place them into fm18, putting them in graphics/icons/stars like on previous games. i have done this for both the skin im using and just the parent folder but they are not appearing in game. has this location been changed since then and if so, where do i have to put them to get them in game. (p.s. not sure if i need a config file for this or not)
  6. hi can someone please help me, trying to create a competition with advanced panel that starts with a group stage but no matter what i try the competition never starts, please dont ignore this as i am waitin to start a new game but want this comp in, if anyone can tell me what to do or give me a file that has a comp starting with group stage i would appreciate it. thanks
  7. how do i get a group stage to actually be drawn using advanced panel, every time i do one the competition never starts?
  8. so can some 1 pls explain how to create a competition please? iv made one but it wont show up unless i add to a country using the wizard and once its added it ignores the advanced panel changes and takes the default form.
  9. iv tried doin that but no file fits what i need hence the reason why i need a guide or some tips on the above. thnx anyway
  10. can somebody please post a simple guide on how to create a competition from scratch, iv looked through this whole thread and theres little pieces of info found across several posts but its very hard to keep having to go through all of this when ya dont know wot ya doin or stuck like me. im sure i wudnt be the only one who would appreciate it.
  11. can someone pls help, all im trying to do is create a simple british super cup, like the one Stevenhp1987 created, where the winners of 5 british isle tournaments are in it, but i dont want it to replace community shield like his. it seems like i everything i try doesnt work. either the competition doesnt show at all or when it does show it ignores the advanced rules ive set. ive looked through this thread and i cant understand why it doesnt work. if someone could give a few steps as to how they would implement this i would be truly grateful to see what it is im not doing? the format of the competition im trying to make is: stage 1 - league of 5 league winners (ENG,SCO,WAL,NI,IRL) play each other once top two qualify for final stage 2 - final Team placed 1 v Team placed 2 thanks
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