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  1. I've activated his clause but no matter what option I choose about making captain etc he will not discuss terms; I am playing as Chelsea
  2. Yes; just retire the existing manager on the game save and 'Add New Manager' and select the club.
  3. Downloaded the Villa one; gutted they had sold Ron Vlaar and Delph already!!!
  4. As someone who hasn't downloaded a skin since like FM08 this skin is amazing
  5. Any danger of uploading this or you just dangling a carrot?
  6. I tend to sell either Mulumbu or Yacob just to get some funds, I got 20m from Benfica for Yacob
  7. I had Tielemans in the Beta but now I cannot find him in the retail version strangely.
  8. Great concept, not many players at West Brom though.
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/ is a quick way to upload
  10. I tried to play a game with only appearance fees and no salaries, didn't get too far
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