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  1. One could say that if SI supported it in the editor but didn't release the updates themselves, they wouldn't be breaking any licenses. You are not required licenses for modding your own personal game, so the community could create and release these kind of updates without SI getting in trouble...
  2. Hmm. I am having some trouble with making the FM11 editor shov PA and CA on the peoples list. I've tried opening the file football manager 2011\tools\editor\data\format\database ui\person ui.xml and adding this: <record db_field="pers,Ocra"/> <!-- current ability --> <record db_field="pers,Opta"/> <!-- potential ability --> in this list: <record id="prrs"> <list id="fields"> <record db_field="pers,dbnm" width="-2"/> <!-- name --> <record db_field="pers,Pnti" width="-2"/> <!-- nation --> <record db_field="pers,Pcti" width="-2"/> <!-- club --> <record db_field="pers,Pcjt"/> <!-- job --> <record db_field="pers,Ppsr"/> <!-- position --> </list> </record> Like this: <!-- fields for the person table --> <record id="prrs"> <list id="fields"> <record db_field="pers,dbnm" width="-2"/> <!-- name --> <record db_field="pers,Pnti" width="-2"/> <!-- nation --> <record db_field="pers,Pcti" width="-2"/> <!-- club --> <record db_field="pers,Pcjt"/> <!-- job --> <record db_field="pers,Ppsr"/> <!-- position --> <record db_field="pers,Ocra"/> <!-- current ability --> <record db_field="pers,Opta"/> <!-- potential ability --> </list> </record> But it doesn't show up. Any ideas?
  3. Awesome. But what do you do with the teams then? How can you relegate more teams than you get up from the "Danish Lower Leagues"? Maybe you could upload yours and I'll have a look. And also, good luck with your project.
  4. Thank you very much. I'll try. Edit: There is a line in the list of valid years in both con2_region-xml, but is has no year set in any of them. How does the game know, which year to use what version?
  5. Exactly. I guess the only solution is to allow more teams in the Danish Series.
  6. I'll take a look at it. What did you do to fix exactly that issue? What should I look for? You won't be able to do a lot to my uploaded file, as I have only tried using normal nation rules so far in this project. But I have now realized, that it wasn't possible to make a simple solution, which matched reality, so I'm gonna do it with the Advanced Rules now. Hopefully, your solution will spare me some time. Anyway, if you want to look at the nation rules, here you go: http://gratisupload.dk/download/52147/
  7. Okay. I have a hard nut to crack here. I am expanding the Danish league with one more level beneath 2nd Division. It is called Danmarksserien (Danish Series) and has 3 sub divisions. This should be easy to do with normal nation rules, but due to some changes in the Danish league-system, which seems to be hardcoded into the game, it has turned out be one hell of a headache. The problem is, that the Danish 1st Division (level 2) will go from 16 to 12 teams from 2010 to 2012. This means that there are more relegating teams than promoted teams. Of course, SIGA thought of this and modded the 2nd Division to handle this. But now, when I am making a new level between 2nd Division and "Danish Lower Leagues", this makes a big problem. After the first season there is a owerflow of teams in the Danish Series. Some teams are, when you go to their profile, listed as a Danish Series team, but when you look in the table, they are not there. Any ideas to get around this? An idea I have is to relegate more teams from the Danish Series to the inactive Danish Lower Leagues, than the Danish Lower Leagues promotes in the first two seasons, but is that possible? Another - unrealistic - but simple solution would be to increase the maximum number of allowed teams in the Danish series, I guess.
  8. The ranking levels are made for the game to see, what place you finished in a tournament. If it is not set, you might get fired even though you won it, as the game does not know, you finished 1st. In e.g. a cup, you would give the winner of the final ranking level 0, loser of final would get 1, loser of semifinals gets 2 and so on. I suggest you take a look at some already made tournaments to understand how to use it. Still no suggestions for this one? As it is possible to choose Stadium 1, 2, 3 etc., I guess there should be some way. Think about the World Cup too. It has some defined stadiums somewhere
  9. Thanks. I'll try. But where do I set Stadioum 0, 1, 2, etc.? No. It's a new concept. The Scandinavian grass pitches are not really playable in the Winter, and there was no spectators, so they have decided to move the first round to La Manga. Maybe Russian and Ukrainian teams will participate too. Nothing is settled yet though.
  10. Hi. I am trying to create the Scandinavian winter cup, Royal League, in the editor using the advanced panel, which may be started again from 2011. In real life, the first rounds of the cup will be played on La Manga Stadium in Spain, while the last rounds are played in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Is this possible in the editor?
  11. Wow, that's a simple, but really time demanding way to do it...
  12. I already set it up that way. However by looking into your O-League file, I found out, what was missing. The League Schedule for the group stage! I didn't think that was necessary when I had done the League Fixtures. So thanks for the tip. Release is hopefully pretty soon. Is it possible to use league fixtures in the knock out too? It doesn't seem to work here. I don't know how to ensure, that e.g. Spain doesn't play their last group match at June 25th and then starts in Round of 16 on June 26th. How do I avoid this?
  13. I have problems with a new small project. I'm trying to make an exact copy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, including schedules and group letters. It all worked fine, groups , until I tried making the match schedule. How would you guys make the schedule in the group stage? I tried using the "League Fixtures" tab under Advanced Panel, but it crashed now. If somebody wants to take a look, the file can be downloaded from here: http://www.filefront.com/16861933/VM.xml Good. Thanks.
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