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  1. Will This Work?

    One of the advantages of Steam is that you don't have to do this. Just log into steam on your new laptop and download FM again.
  2. Why the french

    The overpowered French players have been a problem for a few FM versions now. I would suggest that the French researchers are maybe not quite using the same standard of judgement as every other research groups.
  3. [Released] Seven Skin

    There seems to be one already here: http://www.fmscout.com/i-1059-Seven-skin-for-FM-2011.html
  4. Problems, Problems, Problems...

    Make sure you haven't accidently selected 'Don't save account credentials on this computer' in the steam settings.
  5. data editor

    Has it created a shortcut to Fm2011 on the desktop? If so, you can just right click > Properties and the path of the correct folder should be displayed in the box labelled 'target'.
  6. data editor

    Remember, if you're using 64-bit windows it'll be c:\program files (x86)\steam\.......etc instead.
  7. Confused! Please Help!

    TBH, You yould be quite lucky to get any modern game even working with 512mb RAM and integrated graphics.
  8. Surely the indicated time added is just a suggested minimum, as IRL.
  9. Display problem

    1366x768 is a strange ratio for a resoloution. Try changing it to 1024x768 in the game preferences and running it fullscreen.
  10. To be honest, those specs are on the low side - and Intel integrated graphics chips are, frankly, utter pants. In fact, i'm quite amazed you can get any games working at all.
  11. Game is running, but I can't play!

    Probably not possible to get it to run - after all, netbooks were never designed to play games on.