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  1. Repet again really great game and excellent ME!!! I found it fantastic after 10 matches. Only a question: Why the game go some time in comment in highlights mode, expecially in lastest minutes? I lose some goals in 2D.
  2. Thanks Alari. There are difference between new and old logos? If yes what?
  3. i added my old logos and players picture in the game. they works ads well, but when i load game and i return to main menu from game the game is too slow and it seem to lock.
  4. I'm too happy this night!! At least a great engine for my iPad Air. Already i love this game.... Bravi bravi bravi!!!!
  5. Fmh 2015 is not out yet. I hope in a real new game and not an update. I hope in a new realistic match engine.
  6. Ok Mark, release game and.....we wish you sweet dreams Good job guys
  7. Ok developers, the real football season started.... Our engine and devices are ready.... When firstest news about FmH 2015? Some Rumors?
  8. This user have some problems when he load save games. his devise is: Jiayu g3s android version is: 4.2.1 free space: 1.48 GB; he has not problem when he saved games, the problems are when he loads save games. the battery during save was 15% charge. @Alebra, spero che sia riuscito a far comprendere il tuo problema, tenendo presente che non sono propriamente un madre lingua, ma la prossima volta cerca di scrivere in inglese, altrimenti hanno difficoltà a comprenderti. Ciao
  9. Marc DID you work on match engine? I found it a bit different.
  10. Dec apart bug, i Think that 2D or 3D or text mode must be more comprensive and deteiled then now and the match results as similiar as real match The match engine must be improved without great upheavals, i have to watch all actions when i choose graphical mode or deteiled description if i choose text mode. Text mode is too old and graphical mode emotionally uninvolving
  11. Another clarification: i'm agree with you about simulation, but the real problem in FMH is the match representation.
  12. Maybe i do a translate mistake. Funny for me is engaging. If i play a simulation game over 300 Hours sito un getting tired then this is a funny game for me. Attention for me funny isn't stupid. A match engine MUST BE realistic and engaging especially if i play football manager!!!!
  13. In this moment match engine in FMH is one part incomprehnsible for me. I don't understand why? The Match must be more realistic, more complete and i would like more immersion.... It isn't important if match rappresentation is in 2D, 3D or text mode. @dec: FMH is a great game; a real and great game MUST BE funny to play. Match engine for me MUST BE funny, not too easy and real or almost. @ developers, please, balance results. There are too large results, in real football we have 3 goals for game.
  14. Karza is not fmh!!! Fmh is better management game on phone and tablet. I told about karza becouse the match engine is more funnny then fmh. If developer add a new highlights mode with more detailed of match like karza for me, all users will be funny.
  15. Developer, please, download karza manager from apple store with lastest update..... Is it possible? Si games can't to make a similar engine.... With all features of fmh14. In this game we have an 3D highlights, comprensive gk save, defensive and attack error and all shots! Please si...... Give us a gift for fmh15 For me is ok only a good live ticker sentence by sentence for all action, but karza manager rapresentation is real funny
  16. If it's so hard improve an a real 2d engine highlights, why you don't add a live ticker in the match? Minute by minute we know the action on pitch, step by step and with a complete description of action. It's not more different then now but it's more readble if you write sentence slowly and you add a more detailed description. e.g. min 34° player $$ came in penality box from left and shot..... goalkeeper $$ save in corner with his feets. min 67° player $$ cross from left by line to penalty box center but defender $$$ hit the ball with his head before attack player $$$ and free his penalty box (ps sorry fior my bad action description in english ) These sentences for last four or five action before to end of action. These sentenses for all actions like defensive save, goal, and goslkeeper save, fault of penalty, yellows or red cards. Please give us chance to change details like other FM games (Only goal, extended, comprehensive etc etc). You could do to became all user happy. Fast.... fun.... and for alls Marc or SI Staff, why you add the words in topic title "or beyond"?
  17. It ' s a server problem. I can't when three are 's team update. After two o three times cross save works without problem
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