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  1. I would like an interface and graphical update. For instance i'd like to see team kits or stadium picture. So, tactical instruction will be deployed with marking instruction. i played several games with FMT but i prefer FMM, becouse it is more suitable for my few time
  2. Ipad pro support for a full game view and customizable logos. Thank you
  3. -Editor; -support for custom file (kits, Badges and pictures) for iPad Pro devices. - all 90° marchi option
  4. Incredible, ME on iPad Air 1 work better then FMC 2015!,,,
  5. The game is really fantatic this year. I can't wait for cross save on my new Ipad Pro.
  6. ok guys, i solved the problem. I can't change resolution becouse the problem is there. Please delete only club_1100.png (as Roma Logo) and game work so good. As Roma is licensed team and you can see logo becouse in game. Ciao
  7. thanks Alari, maybe i found the issue. If my test will be correct, i'll post here solution
  8. thank you Aaron. I'll buy Ipad Pro this week end and it is important for me know this news about technical issue.
  9. Sure Aaron, and i'll wait in the next mounths that you make an a good resolution for it. I hope that i can play on it also with old resolution, isn't?
  10. i hope that you released a special version for ipad Pro. The prerformance are sure ok but graphical size should be for this special device
  11. i reinstalled game without logos and all menu work. could be old logos problem? if yes can you say us what format is correct?
  12. Same problem here!! I activated only Italian Leagues. Ps i installed my logos as well
  13. I love this game. But it goes in crash when i press search teams. Please fox it
  14. Ok thank you, i hope i will play on my iPad Air II without problem
  15. I read new specs here http://www.footballmanager.com/it/games/football-manager-touch-2016
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