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  1. Can we please for the love of god have an option to tell our Director of Football that i don't want to sign X player...so please, stop making offers for them. Also, that whole mechanic needs a review, my DoF (despite already having a billion MC, DMC already) keeps making offers for more or them. Or at least have some kind of discussion set up for us to identify the position/targets he should be making off-script offers for.
  2. Appreciate you guys are working on this...just did an experiment on FM18 with the same laptop (specs in post above) and it runs as smooth as butter, even with elevated performance settings compared to what i have on FM19 Further experiments removing Retina (which worked OK before) and reducing all possible quality to Low/VeryLow helps a lot. The resolution even after playing with the zoom options has gone all to crap though.
  3. MacBook Pro (Retina 15-inch, Mid-2015) running Mojave 10.14.2 But without meaning to be a smartarse it’s clearly something in the latest update. Interestingly on steam there appears to be no ‘patch-notes’ or similar outlining what has been changed (the last post in the FM19 updates page is from early Nov18). But whatever was included has effectively ‘bricked’ the game on Mac. Both in 3D and 2D. Full screen mode All of a sudden (yesterday) lag is very evident. Low graphics Thw graphical performance when the game is running affects the whole computer (ie cmd-tab to Safari or email or whatever) is stuttery too when it wasn’t before. Lots of other programs could run happily in the background with the game open Stuttering noticeable on all screens: continue, even as the header/calendar graphic comes down from the top of the screen and moving from squad > player > contract for example is painful.
  4. Same, on MacBook Pro. Match Engine ran fine on "TV", now the frame rate is about a third of what it was and is almost unwatchable. Bizarrely the 2D view also is a terrible. Please roll back whatever changes were made!
  5. HI, I recently had a hardware issue with my macbook (late 2012 model), prior to the screen failure the games (FM15 and 16) worked fine. I've since had to buy a new external monitor (Asus VX24AH) to use my macbook. It surely isn't a graphical issue as everything works on the new screen at the new native resolution (2560 x 1660) but the games now will not launch. instead they get stuck in the dock, beachball for a second and then when right clicking on the icon only have 'application not responding' greyed out and i'm only able to force quit. i wondered if this is an issue trying to launch in too-high a resolution, but can't seem to find any way to change the launch resolution and changing the monitor resolution settings appears to do nothing either. any ideas? Edit: on further reading of other issues, i've uninstalled and reinstalled FM15 & FM16, uninstalled steam, reinstalled steam and fm15 and verified the cache 20 times all with no different results. i've changed the launching preference in steam's advanced settings to "-windowed" and also nothing. Model Identifier: Macbookpro10,1 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 8gb ram Edit 2: FIXED the issue! appears it was a graphics chip/card setting issue. from reading this https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204349 i went to apple menu>system preferences>energy saver and unchecked 'automatic graphics switching' and suddenly everything came back to life!
  6. Liverpool on pre-season tour in China...still able to set 1st team players available for a U21's game against Woking for match fitness...
  7. Can't read 14 pages...but a couple of observations if they've not been addressed already: When offering a staff member a job, being able to see their interest in all job roles (as previously). Especially when you want to employ a guy as a youth team coach, but you have to assign them each role individually to see what their interest in. Also, the fuzzy background thing, can that be turned off? IT's pretty minor, but irritating if (for example) setting a nickname for a player/staff member (as i do on all my scouts with their JPA and JCA i.e. D Platt (15 16), difficult when the background is unnecessarily fuzzy.
  8. Hi, i've just bought a macbook and was wondering if it is possible to transfer (by memory stick) my save game from my old PC to mac.. I'm 7 seasons in and would obviously like to be able to continue, if possible. Also, can i copy all the graphics across to mac ? Thanks in advance...
  9. I hope there's also some additional help on upcoming tournaments. The number of times i forget about the European u21's, and miss the first round of matches before i send a scout is too irritating for words. Same with African cup of nations - if you don't have any players disappearing to go play in it, you barely get any indication that it's happening.
  10. Custom shouts looks excellent! Also, being able to set instructions for players and not having to worry about changing them as you change tactics looks decent too!
  11. I had this happen on my Barcelona save (yeah yeah, no challenge blah blah ) I got to season 2015-2016 and got sacked for "a fresh approach". Don't really understand this and was instantly offered the Spurs job after being sacked, so took it and signed the youngsters i'd got for Barca.
  12. My game (purchased through steam) now asking me to insert disc (which i don't have obv) after downloading patch from http://www.footballmanager.com/patches !!?!? Any way to undo this? or should i just uninstall and download the game again through steam?
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