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  1. Hi guys, not played FM in quite a while due to other commitments. Just started playing again and made a brand new tactic based on Brendan Rodgers Diamond tactic, high tempo which looks to blitz the opposition early. Ive been really impressed with Liverpool this season like many others im sure. Ive only used this tactic over 2 seasons with Dortmund so it may not work with smaller clubs, in those 2 seasons ive won 2 German league titles, 1 German cup, and 1 champions league. No opposition instructions used. Match training Attacking movement 50% General training Fitness 50% (average intensity) Rest before match unticked. Rest after match ticked. Individual training leave to assistant. Team talks: pre match: calmly pick up where you left off or for the fans. Half Time: losing Aggressive talk. Drawing Assertive not happy. winning 1-2 goals "things going well but you can do better. winning 3 or more goals don't get complacent. Full time: its up to you, if you're happy with the result praise, if you not then aggressive talk. These are what i use but feel free to use your own or ask the assistant manager. Pitch as big as possible but not not important Players, just buy best you can afford, pace up front an advantage though. Hope you have as much fun as i am with them. TACTIC http://www31.zippyshare.com/v/84913773/file.html
  2. I third it. Would be great if the hiring and firing of the assistant manager could be separated from all other staff. Appointed my trusty lieutenant when taking over Leverkusen only for Rudi Voller to sack him and appoint someone worse a day later paying him 3 million in compo. Other than that and a few minor issues which are in hand im really enjoying the game. Love the new tactics system, Also the option of falling out with the board and being sacked is great if you want to go on to manage a club with a "ill show em" attitude.
  3. Haha! does your monitor also go on the blink everytime a major talking point happens on the pitch meaning you didn't see it.
  4. The point is SI used to release a Demo of the BETA so the community could help spot bugs etc, now they give us access to the full BETA to serve that purpose. Absolutey no reason to release a demo of an unfinished game. Either have a little faith and get the BETA or wait. Simple!
  5. I Think it is important to remember that the odds aren't worked out on the strength and weaknesses of both teams. Odds are worked out mainly on the form of both teams so the more you win the more you will use attack and the more you loose the more you'll have to use counter.
  6. I've tried changing mentality when loosing and only ended up loosing more heavily. However im not a user of shouts so maybe that is the solution. I've only used this in a prei basic way, im sure it can be improved upon.
  7. Are you using this method with your own tactics or the ones I posted? Im hoping this method will work with any sensible 3 strategy method.
  8. It was my method I was really trying to get across rather than my tactics which are simply an example. Its great you've used this to hit upon a winning formula.
  9. Made a new 4-6-0 tactic for this which works much better. Same instructions as OP, only change is you now play standard when 6/4 favorite instead of counter. http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/73686890/file.html
  10. Well basically if you want your assistant manager to give the teamtalks get one with high motivation stats. Im not sure I can go into more detail than that.
  11. Pretty basic really to give me a wide range of choice. Keepers: Handling & Reflexes Full Backs: Crossing & Tackling Center Backs: Heading & Concentration Deep Lying Playmaker: Teamwork & Passing Advanced Playmaker: Creativity & Dribbling Center Midfielder: Passing & Tackling Inside Forwards: Dribbling & Pace Target Man: Heading & Strength
  12. Not in the near future because im currently enjoying a save but definitely in future. Would like to try a 4231.
  13. Yes, i think there is a lot of people who just want to use a plug & play diablo type tactic and not really have to think about anything. Just buying players and winning games. While that can be fun it does get boring after a while. The ME has moved on but its not impossible to get the better of and the tools are there to be used and understanding them really does work better than any plug and play tactic.
  14. Yes they are different. Also by loading all three you train in all three. If you have one on attack then simply change to say counter the fluidity will dip.
  15. I think most of us have realised with fm13 that the good old plug and play tactic is becoming more and more difficult to use and achieve consistent success. Yes there are some decent ones but they are no longer as full proof as past efforts. Many believe its a conspiracy from SI to stop us enjoying the game but not true. The plug and play tactic relies on one thing to succeed, flaws in the match engine to exploit, take away those flaws and the plug and play dies and it is SI's job to remove the flaws from the game. The game is evolving and we can either cry that our beloved tactics no longer work or we can evolve with it. I decided to create a simple 433 tactic with 3 strategies, Counter, Standard and Attack. 3 to keep it as simple as possible and also 3 because that's how many tactics you can load up to the tactic screen and train to use. Its very important that all 3 strategies are loaded to the tactics screen and trained individually. Next i needed to establish which of the 3 tactics/strategies to use for which match. This is something i think many struggle with therefore look for a simpler plug and play alternative, so i decided to create my own guide to use with these 3 tactics. After some extensive testing i came up with this: UNDERSTANDING THE PRE MATCH ODDS UNDERDOG If you are the underdog and the opposition is the favorite you play the COUNTER strategy, no matter what, home or away. FAVORITE The following is a list of your starting odds when you are the favorite to win and what strategy to use. 6-4 Standard 5-4 standard evens standard 4-5 standard 4-6 standard 4-7 attack 1-2 attack 2-5 attack 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 etc all attack. This has proved very successful for me using it with my three 433 tactics. Northampton Town Premier league after 3 consecutive promotions then moved to marseille. Marseille French title (unbeaten all season) and Champions league winner. Luton Town Championship after 3 consecutive promotions then moving to spurs. Spurs Premier league title and euro league winner first season. Hopefully the guide and system will help some of you to create your own tactic and use it successfully. However if any of you want to use the 3 tactics i used i will release them. However please understand you need to load and use all 3 as stated above or it wont work. None of them are plug and play tactics. I used no shouts or opposition instructions. Teamtalks i used an ass man with high motivation stats but gave the FT teamtalk and the HT talk if the hairdryer was needed. General Training balanced only. Match training tactics only. This has easily been the most successful way of playing ive created on FM13 but all 3 strategies must be used to be successful. 3 tactics here: http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/7827595/file.html If you don't have winrar to extract the tactics you can download them individually from the opening post here: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2013-tactics-training/118206-jp-woodys-understanding-odds-playing-right-way.html#post1743862 Made a new 4-6-0 tactic for this which works much better. Same instructions as OP, only change is you now play standard when 6/4 favorite instead of counter. http://www11.zippyshare.com/v/73686890/file.html
  16. Im getting a huge amount of injuries too, almost 1 a match, really takes the fun out of the game but its just one of those things i guess. Not sure if its the patch or plain bad luck. The severity of the injuries is an issue too. I had 4 players carried off in one game
  17. A more target man type. A good strong all round striker with decent technical skill.
  18. Yes the injuries can be an annoyance when it becomes silly numbers but it nothing to do with the tactic, just the way the game is and has always been. That said the multiple injuries do make it feel a more authentic Wenger tactic no? lol. Considering your injuries youve done remarkably well i think. Im glad the tactic is helping you enjoy your save.
  19. Its been released ages, check the OP out. Just pointing it out to the poster because he was only talking about the 4231 version and wanting improvements. The 442 version is better than the 4231.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. You had an impressive season with not the strongest squad in the world. I have also found the tactic gets stronger with age, ive barely managed to get promotion from the championship scraping results against the likes of wafford and peterborough then with very few changes in the prem getting into the champs league thrashing the likes of Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City. Very strange but proves patience and trust in your squad pays off.
  21. I made a more stable flat 442 version, less gap between wingers and fullbacks and better possession.
  22. Excellent and enlightening opening post. I'm going to give this a test with Boro but i'm going to drop the wide strikers into a winger position (41221) to see if its just as effective without the need to use 3 out and out strikers. Ill post feedback and screenshots at a later date, so far its going very well though. Well done on your excellent work.
  23. I think you're half right, however the ass man with sometimes say things that not only dont work but have a detrimental effect of the teams performance. I expect a win pre match for example and praising at half time seems to lead to 2nd half capitulations.
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