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  1. Looks good Dave. Ill give it a go with Boro. Good OP.
  2. You could try wide play with cut inside. Also reduce their running with ball.
  3. If thats the case could you explain to me how Dave went 45 games unbeaten with Everton in testing?
  4. No you dont need to do anything. We are just running through idea's at the moment. When we come up with a sure way that we know works long term we will post it. Strikers do still score pretty reguar. In my tests the 2 main strikers usually average around a goal every 1.5 games between them.
  5. ^ ^ ^ ^ You where right Dave. Sorry about that.
  6. OPTION 1: Put both strikers on forward runs often. OPTION 2: Put the mentality of one striker as far to the right as possible so he is fully attacking, also turn his through balls down to rare so he is basically there just to score goals (a poacher) you can also knock his creative freedom down, you just want him to score, no fancy stuff.
  7. I had been Boro in the championship. Id got them into the carling cup final beating Man City home and away, then my save died I was storming the league too.
  8. Thats Daves responsibility. Ive told him to upload whenever he wants.
  9. Getting a bit bored really. Far Too easy with a big club.
  10. You cant beat quick players with good acceleration especially in the advanced positions. The AI defenders struggle with pace, as defenders in real life do.
  11. The AM and his performances is my favorite aspect of the new tactic. I dont want to say too much but its set up to get the very best out of him in both goals and assists.
  12. I did against Burnley and he scored a hatrick. Ive had to play him central for the other games though because of injury problems.
  13. With my last save dying on me ive decided to start a new on. I already know this tactic works with underdog teams so i thought id give it a go with Liverpool and see if its devastating with a quality team. 3 games in and i havent been dissapointed: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. Both my strikers, Mido and Scott McDonald have 10 goals each in 20 games, and my AM Nacer Barazite has 12 goals in 19 games.
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