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  1. Now that you mention consoles, I would love a PS4/Xbox release similar to the Nintendo Switch release.. One can hope :/
  2. I overall agree with you. To me, when I use the word "groundbreaking", it could also be a visual update to the 3D match engine, with better graphics and animations/presentation. I know they keep saying it isnt a priority and whatnot, but it is 2018 and there are mobile games with a better graphics presentation than FM has.
  3. FM18 was the first FM I have missed since prob 02/03, simply because it felt like more and more of the same with each new release. From what I have seen of FM19, alot is "reskinning" existing features, and nothing really groundbreaking for the game - the training looks interesting tho. However the 3D matc engine looks like more of the same.. So this will be 2 years in a row where I wont buy FM. Maybe FM20 will be a bigger leap for the franchise.
  4. Anyone know what happens if you dont win the league in the first season? Are you fired, seeing as they expect you to win it?
  5. What tactic/formation do you guys like? I'm finding it hard to nail down the best 11, should it be a 3 man midfield of Pogba, Herrera and Morgan, or is it better to add Mata in the 10-position and lose Morgan...
  6. Mind sharing some more detail/info regarding your tactics?
  7. Is it just me, or is football manager no longer available on greenmangaming? Im positive I could find FM17 on there when it was just announced, however now when I search there it seems like all versions of FM are gone from their site?
  8. Can anyone explain what difference it makes, if for examle a DLP(d) is placed in the defensive midfield strata or in the central midfield strata? The example could also be a AP(a) in the central midfield strata versus in the Attacking midfield strata. Im aksing since mostly you see 4-3-3 (4-2-3-1) formation with a midfield trio triangle (either defensive or offensive), but rarely with a flat midfield trio.
  9. Anyone tried a 4-3-3 with a flat 3 man midfield consisting of Pogba, Herrera and Schneiderlin? Thinking Schneiderlin as a DLP (D), Pogba as a B2B and Herrera as a CM(S) or AP(S). Anyone got different ideas on regards to roles?
  10. Must say, top notch work mate! Right up there with the best skins for FM16
  11. Yea he fixed it, after this was posted, and after the patch was released, which made the game crash with the mentioned skins. Amazing how people can react like this, like small children, simply because SI state that there may be issues with skins due to a recent update. This is not name and shame this is simply helping people having issues with crashes.
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